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What North East Trails are acceptable for Cyclocross?(2 posts)

What North East Trails are acceptable for Cyclocross?buffalosorrow
Jan 13, 2002 3:36 PM
I have read/ heard that many MTB trails in the northeast are plain out not suited for cross. I post this message after a trip down to Virginia Buckingham State Park/ Holiday Lake, find myself jogging about half of the trail with my bike over my shoulder. I still had a great time.
I have not had much trail experience, comming from a road/ messenger past. I interested in finding some fun cyclocross/ MTB trails in New England. Perhaps located but not limited to central/ northern NJ.
re: What North East Trails are acceptable for Cyclocross?johan
Jan 17, 2002 3:23 PM
Although not in Jersey, Jacobsburg State Park just outside of Easton, PA is a fun place to bring your 'cross bike. I'd rate most of the trails beginner to intermediate (on a mtn. bike) and 99% doable on a 'cross rig. Go to the "Trails Review/Pennsylvania" section of for directions and more info. And be very aware of hunting season(s). Sundays are always safe though