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Convince me (please!)(11 posts)

Convince me (please!)Velocipedio
Jan 4, 2002 4:35 PM
I want a cyclocross bike. I want to get into the sport of cyclocross and race next fall/winter. I want to have a good, hardy bike for late/early-season training and to take through the snow and the mud. My LBS has a Jake the Snake at a very good price, and I really like the fit and vibe of the bike.

BUT... but I don't NEED a cyclocross bike. I'm a roadie most of the year, and I ALREADY have a pretty wicked MTB ['97 S-Works M2]. Moreover, I understand that you can race cyclocross with an MTB in my neck of the woods [Quebec].

So... I'm finding it hard to justify the purchase, event hough I have no trouble affording it... I want it, but I don't NEED it. Please, someone, convince me that I should give into my wants rather than my needs.
re: Convince me (please!)gtx
Jan 4, 2002 5:06 PM
you do need one. A cross bike will improve your off-road riding skills more than a mtb with fat tires and a suspension fork, and they also make great winter training road bikes--just add fenders. Plus, it's like having a backup road bike, and every roadie needs one of those. Plus they're fun and keep you motivated to ride. How's that?
and if you ever want to tour,Pablo
Jan 4, 2002 6:39 PM
it's way better than your roadie, and prolly quite a bit better than the mtb.
re: Convince me (please!)MJ
Jan 5, 2002 6:12 AM
with a real cross bike you won't be a mtb. pretender at the cross races

you can tour and commute with a cross bike - the Jake has braze ons

a backup road bike is sweet

price, vibe, fit, can afford it - sounds like you already made up your mind

there's lots of people on this board who after buying a cross bike realise that they don't ride their other bikes anymore

anyways all comitted cyclists need 5 bikes
1. dedicated road bike
2. mtb bike
3. cyclocross bike
4. single speed (w/reversible fixed hub)
5. commuter/tourer/triathalon/play bike
re: Convince me (please!)Velocipedio
Jan 5, 2002 7:47 AM
Yes... I've pretty much made up my mind. I just have to justify it to myself and to my GF. She's a cyclist, so that's NOT quite as difficult as it sounds. One of the things that helps me justify it is that we ride the same size frame, so a cross bike could be a back-up for both of us [with a little tweaking].

My current road bike is a steel Marinoni with Chorus 10, so I don't think a Jake would become my main bike during the long ride season... But my GF has a spare set of wheels [the CXP21s that came with he bike] that I could use to quickly roadify the cross bike as needed. [As far as I know, the Jake has a 130mm hub, no?]

And... the weather lately has favoured cross. It's been around -4C, with very little snow...

Okay. Sounds good. I think I'll hold of for a couple of more weeks, but I bet my LBS will be thrilled to make a sale in February.

Thanks for the help. This will be fun.
jake the snake!merckx56
Jan 5, 2002 9:17 AM
I have a 2000 jake with a upgraded build and love riding it!
I get bored on the road bike and go ride the jake. if you see a trail, there's no excuse not to bomb it!
get the jake, you will not regret it!
Jan 5, 2002 8:54 AM
I agree with some that cyclocross improves handling off road. I have also heard stories of cross riders out manuvering MTBers. Here are some options:

-Find a used/ new rigid fork for your S- Works. Take off your bar ends, throw a pair of narrow MTB tires (I purchased a pair of Michelin Sprint MTB 1.75") same pattern as the Michelin Sprint Cross but a litle wider. I like these.

-If cash is not an issue, buy the Jake the snake. You can use the Jake on rainy days, commuting or as a spare road bike.

Here are some reasons why I like cyclocross:

When I commute sometimes I like to go off the beaten track.

When I vacation to the woods, I bring one of two cyclocross bikes either my colnago or my graham weigh single speed.

I am a winter person.
Jan 5, 2002 5:09 PM
Well... if cash wasn't an issue, I'd buy a Colnago or an Empella... But cash isn't THAT much of an issue. I'm relatively flush right now; my debts are mostly paid-off and I have steady income.

The arguments are all very sound and compelling. Most compelling of all, I went for a run on Mount Royal [a big park in the middle of Montreal] today, on the hard=packed, snowy trails and got passed by a bunch of guys on cross bikes.

Needless to say, they were having more fun than me.
Jan 5, 2002 7:58 PM
If you want to ease on into cyclocross, I would pick up a straight rigid fork and swap to narrow tires. You would have a neo-retro MTB/ Cross. Try it out for the remainder of the season. Use what you've got. Use it up wear it out.
I honestly like the concept of a flexable bike.
Another aspect of the rigid MTB, is that you can shave a pound or so off.

Some extra thoughts:

Bontrager makes a drop bar with the MTB bar diameter.
A MTB/ Cross conversion is perfectly acceptable.
The Snake is a grand plus$$?
Rigid fork $150 + Drop Bar, levers another $150?
I am sure you can keep up with a cross rider with this set up.
You would have something flexable and unique; a worthy project.

Here is a list of the bike I have:

Colnago Dream Cross (I purchased it used at a great price)
Sakae Royal w/ Tange steel road bike (I ride from NYC to Philly)
Graham Weigh cyclocross w/ horizontal drop-outs (set up as fix/ ss)
*The GW was my first bike I purchased new.
Motobecane fix gear with narrow cross tires/ my messenger beast the damn bike wont die.

Finally, the appeal of a new bike is second to none.
re: Convince me (please!)scott
Jan 6, 2002 6:02 AM
buy it you won't regret it, if your going to try cross racing you will be a lot faster and more competitive on your cross bike than a mtn bike. i raced cross for the first time this year (i usually race mtn bikes) i bought a use redline off of ebay, i loved cross so much i sold the redline and just bought a specialized cx-works bike. i now have a road bike for training, cross bike and mtn bike. the way i see it you can never have to many bikes
good luck
Kicking myself for not getting my Jake the Snake sooner.BK
Jan 6, 2002 8:59 PM
Went through the same dilemna only to break down and buy a used JTS at the end of Novemeber. Rode the last 2 CX races in New Engalnd in December and have been kicking myself for not getting the bike sooner. CX is just plain fun! Where else are you going to see top pros from Saturn line up with local amatuers and the invariable cross dressing CXer. Buy the bike and get a CX racer/commuter bike in crappy weather/off road machine in one!