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Old wheels for cross duty(3 posts)

Old wheels for cross dutyStewart
Jan 4, 2002 10:35 AM
I've two pairs of old campagnolo record hubs on Mavic SSC in great shape. These have screw on 6 speed freewheels. Considering putting them on my Ritchey Swiss Cross. Question is what type of shifters and rear gear mechs to use. I have an old Campagnolo Super record rear mech or Campagnolo Rally (1st gen touring mech) to go with either camapgnolo d/tube braze on friction shifters or old campag friction bar end shifters.

I don't envisage any problems with this set up ( feel free to dispute this!) but I'd like to explore the option of using newer Shimano/Campagnolo ergo/sti shifters with a newer mech with these wheels.

Look forward to your replies.
re: Old wheels for cross dutywspokes
Jan 4, 2002 11:53 AM
read about my mutt bike below this post. I have a hodge podge and have found that with shimano 8 speed bar end shifters, almost anything is possible. I jumped between a 6,7 and 8speed wheel one year without ever readjusting my derailleurs. I think the options are probably unlimited with a little imagination and ingenuity. newer stis or ergos with newer shifter mechs will probably be fine also. good luck and have fun with it.
re: Old wheels + Ergo/STItriangleforge
Jan 4, 2002 2:20 PM
I've got a similar wheelset that sees occasional 'cross duty. It's a tad complicated, but not bad.

First, you'll probably want to go with 8-speed Campy or Shimano integrated shifters; you can't do 9-speed, since there aren't any 9-sp freewheels out there, and there's lots of good, used 8-speed stuff out there.

Second, if the axle is for a 130mm rear, your work is likely almost done. If it's for 126mm, you'll need to replace the axle, add enough spacers, and re-dish the rear wheel. I've had bad luck with Campy axles in 130mm drops with older Record or Nuovo Record hubs -- eventually, I've always bent or broken the axle. Wheels Manufacturing axles (which are a common replacement, assuming I've remembered the name correctly!) hold up better, but you're still asking a whole lot of that steel tube. Buy a couple; they're pretty cheap.

If you need to replace a 126 axle with a 130 one (and add spacers to the drive side to accomodate the wider freewheel), you'll also need to re-dish the wheel. The wheel won't be as robust as it was before, but I've been OK on a couple like this.