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Who has a Cyclocross Muttwspokes
Jan 4, 2002 4:03 AM
I know now that with all the bike manufacturers making the regular cyclocross frames, they are becoming immensely popular. My question is, Who has a mutt? A genuine thrown together mutt. ie. my one cyclocross bike is new, a surly. But my other is a complete mutt. I took a Bianchi Project 5 from 92 or 93 and left on the exage 48/38/28t crankset which has been bulletproof. left on the exage derailleurs which I have found can handle 6, 7, and 8 speeds rear wheel with the Ultegra 8 speed bar end shifters I have on the bike. Ukai rims with blade tires. Profile drop rd bars with old stock Ultegra 600 brake levers which work amazingly with the cantis and drop bars. No worry about pull here. I also added a softride aluminum frankenstem which I absolutely love for bunny hopping the barriers! I threw on a headset gorilla lock for some added security to not worry about the headset coming loose. But in general. it's a heinz 57 mixed breed mutt. I have a worse mutt also with a zeus cyclocross crankset, newer 7 speed wheelset with suntour barcon (only one, only one gear in the front) and an assortment of other parts ranging from suntour, shimano, campy, and dia compe brakes and who knows what else. What others are out there? Show us your mutts?
The Abomination - a once & future Mutttriangleforge
Jan 4, 2002 11:08 AM
Up until a couple of weeks ago, I had an old Mongoose IBOC MTB frame built up with drop bars, a double chainring & seven speed in the back shifted with SunTour BarCons. The rear derailleur changed fairly frequently, not because there was any problem with it, but because I've got this box of road & MTB derailleurs from the pre-index era and it was fun to switch them...

The bike earned the name "The Abomination" from one of my teammates, due in part to the rattle-can black paint job that was only barely visible under the dozens of bike & 4x4 company stickers all over it.

Though I'm refering to it in the past tense, I've still got the bike, which I looked at one Saturday and realized I more or less had enough stuff lying around to make it a single-speed mountain bike....

Of course, my "real" cross bike is of rather mixed parentage itself -- VooDoo Wazoo frame, odd bits of components, including an STI shifter for the rear derailleur and a friction BarCon for the front.

gotta see a picof that sweet machine!!!! (nm)
Jan 4, 2002 11:30 AM
re: Who has a Cyclocross Mutthaulinassjunior
Jan 6, 2002 1:54 PM
I have an old Raleigh technium roadbike that i turned into a backup cross bike. I ripped off the drivetrain and just singlespeeded it then I found some 27" cross tires slapped those on their along with a selle nitrox seat and a seat post i found in my parts bin (thats where the rest of the bike came from too) got some purple bar tape on it too.

total projest cost 20.00 -for the bike
15.00 -to singlespeed
re: Who has a Cyclocross MuttDavidK
Jan 8, 2002 9:13 AM
I have mutt. I found an old Schwinn touring frame, a Passage, and added my old ultegra 7 speed hubbed, campy rimed, wheelset to it. It still has Suntour downtube shifters to work the 600 SIS derailers. The triple crank is from Sakae and came with a 50, 46 and 30 I changed it to a 46,38 and 30. I want to upgrade from 170s to 175s at some time. It did not have brakes so I bought some RPS (or something like that) cantis and have kept the the Dia Comp brake levers (with portuding old style cables). I found it with an old Brooks leather "sling" type saddle which I replaced with a Flite from an old track bike. I added Nashbar pedals and have raced twice. It has been a blast.

I am thinking about adding Suntour thumb shifters and derailers from a defunct mountain bike. Any thoughs as to pro or con? Thanks. David Krahulik
Thumbies . . .swede16
Jan 8, 2002 12:57 PM
You'll have to bore (or dremmel) them out so they'll fit over the road bar (which has a wider diameter than MTB bars). BTW which model are the shifters? If XC Pro, you'll get a lot of retro-grouches, like myself, who are willing to pay a good amount for them. So much that you'd probably be able to buy a used set of 7 spd barcons and still have change left over.