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Switching cranks, opinions on cranks, gearing and bb's..long(1 post)

Switching cranks, opinions on cranks, gearing and bb's..longchrisjohn02
Jan 2, 2002 10:26 PM
Having cobbled together a cross bike from parts, during it's inception realized that the cranks that came with my frame, Redline CycloX, were different lengths, 172.5 drive/175 non drive, splined Ultegra 53/39. Having ridden the bike for a few months now, I've finally decided to switch the either the drive side arm and deal with the gearing, the rings are too big for me, or switch cranks entirely. Cost is always a consideration and I've been considering purchasing the AC crank that Cambria bikes has on sale. I am under the impression that the splines for Shimano road BB's and the XTR BB are the same, but after further investigation it seems that the AC cranks only seat well with the 950 XTR splined BB. Is it worth going with the AC cranks and attempting to use my present BB, ultegra spined double, or go with a 950 XTR BB? Another question, what size BB does Redline use for their cross frames?

Another easier option it appears is to go with a FSA Gossamer crank which comes in the shimano road spline which would use the BB already installed, but does anyone know if they have been released yet and if so who stocks them. Thanks for all the help.