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Chain rings, what size do you ride?(3 posts)

Chain rings, what size do you ride?buffalosorrow
Jan 2, 2002 7:06 PM
With the longer crank arm size of 175mm, I am running smaller rings; 44t outer and 32t inner. I have found that I have more leverage climbing. Although depnding on the ride I should have a spare "more road" 50t ring.

Thanks for the quick responses on the crank arm topic.
depends where and what you like to ridelonefrontranger
Jan 2, 2002 10:07 PM
I used to run a 50/38 when I did the flat Midwestern grass crits that pass for cyclocross races there. A girl with a Litespeed Classic (full stock road bike down to the 23mm slicks) used to show up at those races every so often and hand us our heads.

Out here where there's more rough, loose dirt and a lot of grinder climbs, my Dream Cross wears a 46/36, running a 12/25 in back. I am 5'4", ride a 49/50, and run 170mm cranks both road and 'cross.

Don't forget that if you swap rings back & forth, you will have to raise and realign the front mech, and readjust the shifter cable each time. It becomes a pest, and is the best argument I've heard yet for running a single ring. I only plan to swap rings once this year for the Boulder-Roubaix (back to 50/38). I have a reputation for doing outlandish and horrible things to my road bikes (just ask my poor Morgul B) but I draw the line at 42 miles of gravel, washboard and bomb craters on a brand new Record equipped Dream Plus.

I don't ride super hardcore singletrack or long, steep mtn. climbs on the 'cross bike, since that's what my Klein hardtail is for. I especially like the 46/36 for the long, moderate mesa climbs on our open space trails here. Back in Ohio, the worst climbs were short, steep ones of less than 2 minute's duration. With those you either stand up and mash, or have barricades at the bottom and are running.

The 50/38 was a great compromise for flat 'cross and commuting, but it was really closer to road gearing than anything. I had a couple seasons when I was financially or otherwise road-bike deprived, so I slapped on a set of roadie slicks and raced crits and road races on the old Redline. Nothing irritates the unobtaniumed elite more than a prime hog on a mongrel rig with duct tape on the top tube (held my light cables in place) and weeds hanging out of the canti wires.

Alas, I fear with 2 Campy-equipped Colnagos, I have joined the ranks of those with more bike than ability!
depends where and what you like to ridewspokes
Jan 4, 2002 4:08 AM
I feel we have all surpassed the more bike than ability at some point. I have always found a comfortable compromise with the cyclocross with a triple, just in case you decide to venture further off...28t, 38t, and a 48t. the 48t just allows you to spin more if your on the road. This is a good thing, develope those spinning techniques but it can be enough challege when crossing also. I live in Pa if this gives you any perspective of the hilly terrain and mix of rock and mud and other general spring pothold road hazards!