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soft tail?(2 posts)

soft tail?niklas
Jan 2, 2002 6:22 AM
It's so bloody cold that you can't go outdoors, so I spent the evening surfing the web. Came across the KHS soft tail. Any thoughts on soft tails; extra weight or does it really work?
re: soft tail?The Walrus
Jan 4, 2002 11:41 AM
I'm in the process of building up a KHS Cyclocross ST frameset; had only brief exposure to the complete CX100 bike, but my reaction was mostly positive. I'll post a review when the bike's done, but my initial impression is that the thing does take the "edge" off impacts, and there isn't a huge weight penalty (my medium frame is just a tick over 4.5 lbs., which is not too bad for steel). I got the frame and fork for just $399 (about $50 off MSRP) at my LBS, and am building it mainly with parts cannibalized from another bike, so I'll get off for about $500 altogether. I'm thinking it'll be sweet...