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Form and function(11 posts)

Form and functionmackgoo
Dec 27, 2001 3:38 PM
Alright I'll readily admit that there may be better looking brake arms as well as ones perhaps more functional, although these seem pretty great. But they represent a beauty that is getting harder and harder to come buy. A FULLY Campy equiped cross bike. And something that comfortably fits in with the rest of the Record stuff as these have Record in their name also.
And believe me as a certified Campyholic this means alot to me.
re: Form and functionStewart
Dec 28, 2001 6:00 AM
Nice - what are they? Work well? They are up there with the Spookys which have that Mafac retro look.
re: Form and functionmackgoo
Dec 28, 2001 7:48 AM
They are Record OR brakes. Which in reality are true retro but if I want campy I have to go retro. I don't really regret that.Can't say how they work yet as I'm still getting the bike together, but I have taken them apart to clean them up and lube and inspect. They appear to have limitless adjustability.
re: Form and functionStewart
Dec 28, 2001 10:01 AM
Where did you get them and are there any left?
re: Form and functionMartin
Dec 28, 2001 11:00 AM
Those campy brakes look alot like Grafton Speed Controllers.
I have two pairs of Graftons, brand new still in original packages. If anybody is interested, let me know.
re: Form and functionmackgoo
Dec 28, 2001 3:44 PM
Actually there was another guy who was waiting on a pair that he was going to sell me. What he recieved wasn't complete so he was working on completing the package. I do expect that some time soon he will contact with the complete assembly's.
re: Form and functiong
Dec 29, 2001 7:37 AM
The form: These brakes are from the circa 92(?) Campy Record OR group, the substatially improved version of the Euclid top-of-the-line group. These brakes were a response to the Grafton/Paul/etc low profile canti craze. They are well made and well finished. In direct competition with the aforementioned small US makers, they didn't do well and were available at a deep discount at one point. Check the old school MTB mail order places if you really want them.

The function: with mtb levers that pull lots of cable...very good. With road levers like Ergo...not good. The owner will need to use pads with really long posts and set them way out to generate any mechanical advantage with a short pull (like most road) lever.

The sad fact is the Campy MTB stuff was not so good. To their credit, it went from awful to decent in about 3 years, and likely could have rivalled Suntour or Shimano eventually. It cost too much, though.

If you want ultra-cool retro style points, locate an old Mavic MTB group! Have fun.
re: Form and functionmackgoo
Dec 29, 2001 7:43 AM
But then it wouldn't be Campy would it? I was wondering if you had any ideas specifically on some mail order places that may be stuck with this stuff.
re: Form and functiong
Dec 29, 2001 11:57 AM
My guess: try Cambria Bike Outfitters

or check the UK web places; I bet they may have some of the stuff lying around. FWIW, the brakes from the Record OR prececessor, Euclid, would be better for a cross bike with drop bar levers. They were a much wider profile, similar to old-school XTs.

If that fails, post a requext to one of those Campy-worship sites like Campy Only.

Once you have the brakes, set them up, head off the the cross race, grab the brakes on a steep decent , bottom out the levers, crash into a tree (and curse me, Campy and the tree), just remeber who warned you the brakes aren't so good.


"crash into a tree (and curse me, Campy and the tree)"buffalosorrow
Dec 29, 2001 2:14 PM
So, is that not "form and function".
"crash into a tree (and curse me, Campy and the tree)"mackgoo
Dec 29, 2001 5:12 PM
No; that's very poor riding.