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Jake the Snake -- Raceable?(3 posts)

Jake the Snake -- Raceable?Velocipedio
Dec 22, 2001 1:22 PM
I'm planning to get into cyclocross racing next season [old fart sport racing, in any event]. My LBS -- a great shop in which I have the greatest confidence -- has an excellent price on a Kona Jake the Snake. I like the spec and the geometry, but the bike in my size (49 cm) feels like it weighs about 23 lbs. Weight isn't a HUGE consideration for me, except that I usually ride an 18.5 lb road bike, and I'd like to know if competitive cyclocross bikes do tend to run a bit heavier than comparable road bikes. I suspect that, with lighter hubs [I have a spare XTR rear hub], rims, saddle and tires, I could probably get the weight down by a couple of pounds for races and reduce rotating weight, but would a Jake be a competitive disadvantage for a sport racer?
re: Jake the Snake -- Raceable?climbo
Dec 22, 2001 7:33 PM
YES, Jake the Snake is very raceable. Weight is not much of an issue unless you like to break things. Cross is tough on parts so don't be concerned about weight, get the Snake and it will be very raceable out of the box, many guys have them in races I go to.
re: Jake the Snake -- Raceable?BK
Dec 30, 2001 11:15 PM
I bought a very orange used JTS from a buddy this winter. Raced it to 2 top 10 finishes in my first 2 CX races in New England. It ain't as pretty, light or trendy as many of the local custom jobs, but it gets the job done. An extra lb. on the frame is not going to make or break most racers.