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Frogglegs(10 posts)

Dec 20, 2001 3:42 AM
Some one was asking about the frogglegs when I posted a question about them.
Here's a picture. The sheathed cable runs from the Ergo/STI to the back of the leg. The cable goes through then another piece of sheathing on the other side out the front. It then makes it's way to the brake assembly.
dumb question . . .swede16
Dec 21, 2001 11:36 AM
Can they be used without the road levers?
dumb question . . .mackgoo
Dec 21, 2001 12:22 PM
If you mean as the sole brake lever I'm not sure, but probably yes. The recess on the back that the sheathed cable uses as a stop would more than likely acomodate the end of a brake cable. Do you want me to check?
If wouldn't be too much trouble . . .swede16
Dec 21, 2001 12:26 PM
that would be great.
If wouldn't be too much trouble . . .mackgoo
Dec 21, 2001 1:41 PM
I'm at work now. I'll get back to you tomorrow.
If wouldn't be too much trouble . . .mackgoo
Dec 21, 2001 4:31 PM
I just checked, the circumfrance of the end of the brake cable is just a little too large to fit cleanly. This was both a Campy cable and a quality cable. With a little modification it probably could work. I'll take some pictures latter as I start assembling things.
I'd Just use MTB leverstriangleforge
Dec 26, 2001 8:35 AM
You don't mention what you're looking to accomplish -- are you planning to use them on a drop bar, but without road levers mounted, or are you going to put them on a flat (mountain bike) bar?

If you're looking for solo levers that work in the position of the Froglegs (without using aero road levers as one does with the Froglegs & others), why not just use plain old Mountain bike levers? They'll be much more secure, cheaper, and easier to install. Not taking anything away from the Froglegs/Pauls/etc., levers, but I'd wager you'll have MUCH better braking with MTB levers to boot. The Froglegs are designed to solve a very specific situation -- adding supplemental braking on the bar tops of a drop bar with aero road levers -- and they do it very well. But in order to accomplish that task, you'll notice that the positions of the cable stop and the lever pivot are reversed. If you're looking for nicely modulated, powerful, two-finger braking mounted to a flat section of the handlebar, why not use one of the dozens of MTB levers out there designed to do just that?

Of course, you'll want to match the levers to the style of brakes you're using -- cantilever or V-brake.

I'd Just use MTB leversThe Walrus
Dec 27, 2001 10:07 AM
If he is looking for solo levers on the drop bars, he won't be able to use MTB levers without doing something ugly, because the diameter of a road bar is just too great to get through the clamp on MTB levers--I just played with a 3TTT Forma bar and levers from Kooka and Shimano, and it ain't happenin'.
I'd Just use MTB leversswede16
Dec 27, 2001 12:12 PM
I thought about it; but as the Walrus noted, the diameter is wider on road bars. Trust me, I'm not afraid to do something "ugly" to the levers (you should see my FrankenBike that I use for commuting). I just don't have the right tools to bore out the MTB levers. So it would either be in an investment in the tools or in investment in road bar-specific levers. I just wanted to see if the latter would work w/o spending to the money to find out it wouldn't.
I'd Just use MTB leverstriangleforge
Dec 27, 2001 1:21 PM
In that case, you could just try using the Froglegs or equivalent up top, and anchoring the cable end in (drumrol, please....) standard aero brake levers! Since the advent of STI/Ergo, they're nearly impossible to sell, so I'd wager your local bike buddies or the shop around the corner would swap a set of nice levers for a six-pack of even lousy beer. Or less. Even if you never use them for braking, you've got the extra hand position and a rock-solid anchor for the Froglegs to work against.

It's a radical thought, I know. ;-)

(and hey, if you want to see total kludge, I'll show you my drop-bar Mongoose IBOC with a bar-top supplemental levers hand-made out of BMX parts, and 4x4 stickers all over the frame instead of paint... no wait, "The Abomination" is currently undergoing a single-speed transplant, so it's not taking visitors)