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any other 'cross bettys out there?(5 posts)

any other 'cross bettys out there?mudgrrl
Dec 19, 2001 9:08 AM
Dec 20, 2001 11:05 AM
Although a broken ankle on Labor Day tanked my season this year.

Got a brand new Colnago Dream Cross with Campy 10 tho - it's a SWEET ride.
Colnago Dream Crossbuffalosorrow
Dec 24, 2001 10:12 PM
Do you think the Colnago is one of the tightest, fastest cross rides out there?
I do. I have one a few years old, I purchased it used at the end of last season. I am delighted with mine, even though I am having front brake trouble..see above.
I wanted this season to be my first racing, but I had a small addition to my family.
I love it so much I wonder why I ever had anything else!lonefrontranger
Jan 1, 2002 9:24 AM
I feel like a traitor for saying that, too. My old faithful Redline Cyclo-X was such a great bike to me. Won a lot of races (including road crits!) on that thing, commuted to work every day, rode it in every horrible condition known to (wo)man or bike but let's face it - it was a $300 bike that weighed 26 and a half pounds (50cm) and handled like a Sherman tank.

The Dream Cross is like riding on a magic carpet, even on the horrible corrugated dirt roads around here. I will probably put bigger rings on (50/38 instead of 46/36) and use it for the Boulder Roubaix (offroad spring road race) instead of my Dream Plus. I wondered about the steel fork at first, but it's so light and compliant (but not flexy!) I wouldn't have anything else.

I saw your thread about brakes. As far as I know, Colnago cross bikes never had canti stops on the frame, and my '01 Dream Cross is no exception. I originally played with the concept of mini-V's, but instead got a set of "Problem Solver" hangers from the Quality catalog, to hang my Avid Spookys from. My threadless Chorus HS accepted the front hanger no prob, even though I had to cock it off to the side a tad (no room for cables underneath my teeny tiny cockpit).

re: any other 'cross bettys out there?mackgoo
Dec 25, 2001 4:58 AM
Hi, I'm not a Betty but after seeing the way this thread was going I thought I'd share this with you guy's, er, I mean gals.