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So who went to Nationals?(9 posts)

So who went to Nationals?climbo
Dec 17, 2001 9:17 AM
I did and it was AWESOME !!! Todd Wells was kicking butts all over the place on Saturday. Page and Gullickson did the same Sunday, it was great racing, great courses and a shame there weren't more spectators. Still great though, lots of racers, huge fields, the people that did go were LOUD !!!
re: So who went to Nationals?Anne
Dec 17, 2001 9:21 AM
Very disappointing. SuperCup salvaged my weekend.
personally you mean?climbo
Dec 17, 2001 10:14 AM
what happened? how were your results both days?
Too Terse! Story??? <nm>triangleforge
Dec 17, 2001 10:44 AM
I came, I saw, I met The Mayor...triangleforge
Dec 17, 2001 11:01 AM
I went home sore from racing and hoarse from spectating Saturday -- not to mention getting a nice chat with Ann Grande -- so I'd have to count it a great experience all around.

I was hoping for top-40 in the 40+ and got 44th, but finished ahead of several riders who were beating me all year (this is my first season of cyclocross), and didn't wind up behind anybody I've been ahead of through the season, so I'd have to count it a good end to the season.

I loved the course, and my helmet's off to Tom Stevens, the course designer. That's not to say it didn't spank me repeatedly throughout, but it was cool to ride a circuit that demanded that much constant attention and focus. Almost every turn was like a multiple-choice question, and the most obvious line was often the wrong answer. I wasn't able to go on Sunday -- anyone race both who can shed some light on the course changes?

Watching the Women's & Mens' Elite races was VERY exciting

I also met The Mayor, well known to folks here, and can heartily endorse his bid for re-election. Actually, since he helped construct both courses, I'd imagine he can lend some insight on the changes. Mr. Mayor?

Thanks to all who camethemayor
Dec 17, 2001 11:36 AM
Brad and Climbo,
Thanks for the words. I will pass them along to the Kiron crew. We are a small group who volunteer to bust our ass's to make the weekend happen.
We had a very good spectator turn out in a new city.
We had record entries ( well over 1000 over 3 days)
We had good weather 2 out 3 days
We had tv coverage from several local and Nat'l stations...and a crew was there filming for OLN ( I'll post the air date when I get it)
And last but not least...the racing was great!

It is hard to explain the course was sort of backwards and sideways...a little shorter and faster...but still very technically demanding.

And I hope everyone found parking ;^)
any time, it was some of the best racing I've ever seen !!climbo
Dec 17, 2001 11:47 AM
Both courses were awesome !! And I got parking no problems both days right in the street bordering the park. I kind of illegally rode as I live in the US but not as a citizen. I'm supposedly USCF illegal to race Nationals but I got in to the B's without to much hassle (I had pre-reg'd anyway). I should have raced Sunday too but didn't think I'd have the legs after Saturday, still it was great to watch.

Thanks to all of you guys for the hard work. Having put on one CX race on one day I can't imagine the work that went in to this weekend, a great effort !! See you next year.
course changesclimbo
Dec 17, 2001 11:41 AM
I didn't race Sunday either but was there. The direction was reversed and some lines were changed so the same ground wasn't used. Instead of barriers up the very steep run-up, there were no barriers and it was a ride-up. There was a set of stairs added just before this as a portage section and the double barrier set that Wells hopped (Saturn Scramble) was made in to a single set. There was also a barrier added in front of the casino on an incline so you had to run or ride up the hill to get on to the road section at the top of the course. All in all it looked a bit faster than Saturday given that the back side had more descending in it. Still brutal from what I heard from racers but it looked faster. I think Saturday the elite men did 8 laps, if they did 9 on Sunday then that shows the difference. I do seem to recall the announcer going wild about how fast the laps were on Sunday, 6.5 minute laps would be a 9 lap race for the men.
re: So who went to Nationals?cxking
Dec 17, 2001 12:17 PM
I had a great time 6th in Nationals 11th SuperCup mens 35-39, started near the back and worked me way up all race. Friday was a blast I don't get to ride in the mud much here in Utah. We either have bone dry or snow. The Pro races were incredible, Wells and Dunlop put on a great show. Hopefully we will get some races like this in the west next year.