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tire size help I'm a jr.(4 posts)

tire size help I'm a jr.Adam Steelman
Dec 14, 2001 4:11 AM
hey all can some one tell me if a set of 38's will be good for nat's or if i should use my other set of worn 33's thanks
re: tire size help I'm a jr.badabill
Dec 14, 2001 5:22 AM
Wait till you get to the race, there are allways a few vendors selling tires and sometimes you can get a deal. Look and see what the pros are running, the coarse has more to do with that than anything. Your worn 33s might be great on a fast dry coarse but crap in the muck.
jr. size tirenm
Dec 14, 2001 5:32 AM
Dec 14, 2001 4:44 PM
not only are 38's to wide to be legal you won't pass roll-out either. You have to makes sure that you are running junior gearina s well or you WILL be disqualified! The largest gear/tire combo you can run as a junior would be a 42-12 with a set of 33's or 34's, You would be much better off with 30's though. also locked out gears are not going to be allowed. You must have the proper gearing. I'd use a single 42, a cateye chainwatcher, and you front deraileur as a guide, unless you can find a Spot guide in time