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Newbie Questions (Mini v's,fork & Tires)(3 posts)

Newbie Questions (Mini v's,fork & Tires)jrm
Dec 12, 2001 3:11 PM
Hi all, im building up a cross check for flogging duty. I would like to use mini v's but dont know what they are or where i can get um. I think i have an idea..but am not sure

Also has anyone used a fork on a cross check other than the OE fork? i hear they flex and was thinking of using the OE fork that came on a redline SS. Its lenght will be longer than the OE fork on the check.

Lastly can anyone suggest a good 700 x 25 to 30 + tire that can do commuter and dirt duty pretty well? Thanks a bunch for your help.
re: Newbie Questions (Mini v's,fork & Tires)Brian Robinson
Dec 12, 2001 9:18 PM
Well, mini V's are exactly what they sound like. They are V style brakes with shorter arms. Originally designed for Mini BMX bikes that use very small tyres to work with higher leverage, shorter pull levers. They work with road levers fairly well and provided you don't use too large of tyre, the cable will clear the tread. One disadvantage is a significant decrease in mud clearance over a canti. If you want some, I've got a couple pair lying around, still in the package. I'll let them go cheap (shipping cost only).
Secondly, I like the Surly fork. Flex is a good thing in a cross race. It keeps it comfortable. If you don't want flex, a Kinesis alu fork is light and stiff.
re: Newbie Questions (Mini v's,fork & Tires)badabill
Dec 13, 2001 1:56 PM
I like my Surly fork. Soaks up the bumps a bit and rides very nice on the road. Plenty strong. I would save the money on the fork and spend it on a good set of canti brakes. The ritchey trail mix is a great all around tire, I even raced on it this weekend and it worked fine on a dry coarse.