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Brake hangers?(2 posts)

Brake hangers?mackgoo
Dec 8, 2001 1:15 PM
Where can I get the hangers needed for canti lever brakes? The hangers that go on the head set and some where near the seat post.
re: Brake hangers?triangleforge
Dec 10, 2001 12:12 PM
Check with your local bike shop, especially if they've been specializing in mountain bikes for a long time. They're likely to have a few kicking around in the parts bins. Also check with pack-rat friends who've been into MTBs for awhile and tend to throw the words "old school" into an inordinate number of conversations. They've likely got the gear still left over from a conversion to V-brakes. One nice thing -- in cantilevers' heyday, 1" steerer tubes weren't uncommon on mountian bikes, so you've got a decent shot at finding a front brake hanger for a 1" front end.