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Nice training motivator...(1 post)

Nice training motivator...muncher.
Dec 5, 2001 2:08 AM
I don't normally do a lot of off-road training in the dark, for obvious reasons. That, coupled with the fact that the weather here in south UK has been very wet of late, had meant that I have been restricting myself to commuting and weekend rides for the most part.

However, due to a spinning class being cancelled last night, a friend and I decided, just for the hell of it, to try out a fairly technical route, before settling down for a nice take-away curry (you know the score...)

So, I threw the recharable Cat-Eyes on the Jake and headed off - what a terrific grin! Things I noticed:

1) You ride, or seem to ride faster, in the dark - great motivator. This may be due to point 2.

2) You just plough on through stuff that you would normally avoid if you could see it properly - you often just don't have time to break.

2) Due to 1), you need to ride a route you know fairly well (i.e. where you know that you are not going to go round a corner right into a tree stump etc)

4) You remember that you can fall off a fairly high speed and not damage yourself/bike.

5) That I generally ride well inside the envolope of possibility, route and terrain wise, in daylight.

6) As a combination of the above, you really work hard when you ride out.

7) It's great fun.

Not ground breaking stuff I know, but if you haven't got off road in the dark for a while, and are sick of doing road miles/not enough miles, give it a shot - it gave me one of those nice experiences of remembering how I got hooked on all this stuff in the first place.

Just a thought for a bit of motivation...