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TUFO Tire Questionstriangleforge
Dec 4, 2001 11:45 AM
Just received a new set of TUFO Rhino tires (Schwab Cycles has a decent price on them in their clearance section) to mount up on a set of currently unemployed wheels, and had a couple of quick questions:

1) Any special rules for gluing 'cross tires that differ from the standard methods for road tires? I've glued a whole lot of those successfully with Conti or Mastic1, and typically use the long, slow method that takes a couple of days with a few thin layers of cement and plenty of curing time.

2) The cotton base tape on these is "raw" just like on Continental road tubulars -- it gives a good bonding surface, but can wick water into the glued surface which degrades the bond faster than I'd like. After tires are mounted (at least with Contis), I've taken to sealing the exposed edges of the base tape by painting them with liquid latex and it seems to keep water & gunk out nicely. Any reason not to do that with these?

3) I should have just looked a little more closely at the races last Sunday, but do people typically mount them with the little "arrows" on the tire center pointing in the direction of rotation?


i'll take # 3climbo
Dec 4, 2001 4:59 PM
this is just what I see so it depends on who you talk to. My team mates run them forward but I've seen the rear done backwards, maybe that's for more grip? Don't know why but some guys just run them that way. Of course, you can swap the front easy enough no matter which way you mount the tyre so I would just run them forwards if I had them. I don't see that much benefit from running either one of them backwards.
re: TUFO Tire Questionsmaggie13
Dec 6, 2001 6:19 AM
i've been using 32mm prestige since september and glued them the "normal" way.(one coat of panacement on each surface)(previously glued rim), and they adhere incredibly well. i found them to be very tight to stretch. i left them stretching for 2 days before i tried to glue them. they are awesome tires. i ran the points backward on the rear tire and they don't slip too much. take advantage of the lower psi. they really handle well. have fun! j.