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my S&S equipped 'cross bike is almost finished!(2 posts)

my S&S equipped 'cross bike is almost finished!wamanning
Dec 4, 2001 8:07 AM
This is my Bridgestone RB-2 which I converted for cyclo-cross use (I'm calling it a "CX-2" now). I purchased the bike in '99 from some guy in rec.bicycles.marketplace with the intent of using as much of the existing componentry as possible to build up a cheap 'cross bike. Unfortunately the bozo I bought it from didn't maintain it worth a lick and all of the componentry was basically worthless. So I ended up spending more than I intended in getting it built-up properly (probably could have bought a new, complete 'cross bike!), but it was a fun project and it has way more character than any off-the-peg 'cross bike. Barry Riopelle, from Metro Bikes, brazed on some rear cantilever studs and a very cool single-arm rear brake cable stop. Barry threw in a fork with canti-studs for free, and it was good to go. After riding it for a year or so, I had the frame retrofitted with S&S Couplers by Bilenky Cycle Works for training while I'm traveling. Click here to see the bike from beginning to end.

ps. sorry if this is a dupe - i've been having some browser problems!

Good on ye!triangleforge
Dec 4, 2001 11:34 AM
An S & S coupled Steelman 'cross bike belonging to one of my teammates inspired me to ship Bilenky a nice old '70s road frame for the job. While it's currently got a road fork on it and is sitting in the office next to me in fixed-gear trim, I think the long range plan will be to switch over to a cantilever brake fork (the rear triangle fits up to 35mm tires no problem) and back to derailleurs for a real go-anywhere, do-anything travel bicycle.

Alas, the one thing I don't like about my VooDoo Wazoo 'cross bike is that the ovalized top tube means it will be impossible (or at least prohibitively expensive) to retrofit with couplers.