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Ceramic Rims -any good ??(2 posts)

Ceramic Rims -any good ??cross bro
Dec 4, 2001 5:55 AM
Having used Mavic Ceramic rims on my MTB, I am thinking of using on my Cross Bike. Their hard wearing qualities and improved braking would appear to be ideal for Cross, yet I see few fellow competitors using them. Surely the cost and slight weight penalty is a small price to pay.
re: Ceramic Rims -any good ??maggie13
Dec 6, 2001 6:23 AM
i'm with you. i've worn the anodization off of 2 sets of gp4's. i've used ceramics on mtb's for 5 years. they last forever! i'm switching to reflex ceramic rims for my main cross wheels. j.