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Frame sizing question...(2 posts)

Frame sizing question...Setzer
Dec 2, 2001 9:16 AM
Hi there,

I've been looking at some of the CX frame hanging around in the bike shop I work. I already own a CX bike, based around a Hybride frame but I'm thinking about going for the real deal. This is where it gets tricky...

We recently build a demobike for shop, it's a 54cm cc bike with a 54 cm cc toptube and a 110 cm stem.
Sat on it yesterday and it's a perfect fit.
The frame i really like is 54cm cc frame, with 56cm cc toptube.If I would use the stem I have, a 90 or 100 cm, would that be the same fit? Or I'm I completely wrong on this, and missing something.

The reason I like the 56cm is 'cause it got waterbottle mounts in the, where as the 54cm frame is a "real" CX frame and hasn' t got any. You see the bike doubles as a racebike in the summertime for me.
Hope some one can help me out on this any reply is welcome.

thanks in advance
re: Frame sizing question...humunuku
Dec 2, 2001 7:53 PM
a cross bike should be the same size as your road bike siaze or a tiny smaller. i never heard of anyone riding a larger cross bike...but what ever feel the best is what really matters