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what's up with the pics above???(8 posts)

what's up with the pics above???bn
Nov 28, 2001 7:24 AM
miniature barriers that a guy on 'cross bike is gonna bunnyhop, fat guy with pedals in the wrong postion, fat guy w/mtn bike needs to dismount to run small log, guy behind dismounting cross-legged?
re: what's up with the pics above???themayor
Nov 28, 2001 8:19 AM
Miniture barriers? They are 10 inches...that's at Nationals in 98...Tim Johnson and Jonathon Page ( ever hear of them?) pictured.
Wrong pedal position?
Have you been sniffing glue this morning?
well, mr. mayorbn
Nov 28, 2001 8:57 AM
I don't care who those guys are- they could be Daniele Pontoni, Richard Groenendaal, Erwin Vervecken, and Sven Nijs for all I care. The barriers sure look small to me. Even if they are 10", UCI rules say that barriers must be 40cm (almost 16") high. You are not supposed to be able to bunnyhop barriers.

Guy in the middle has his drive side pedals "down", at 7 or 8 o'clock- that ain't right. And the other guy is still coming off all crossed up. If they're gonna show pics, might as well show people doing it the right way, no? What have you been smoking?
maybe you should submitsome pics of you...
Nov 28, 2001 10:41 AM
mr. mayor has been smoking.....themayor
Nov 28, 2001 12:25 PM
Ham ...and sometimes bacon. It's hard to keep lit,though.
Oh-oh....looks like I started a piss fight.
Just joking about the glue....I don't know about you...but I don't get half the buzz I used to from the new Vitoria stuff.'re are right about the 40cm hurdles.But that just started this year. Back in 98...we used the 12 " ( I just went out to the barn and meassured those that are in the photo). We had to add 3.5" to make them UCI legal for this year.But Johnson,Page ,Sundt,Wells and Co. can still jump them.
Don't know what you mean about the pedals.....they end up where they end up...especially on a snowy day when your freewheel doesn't freewheel.
And the guy in the last pic isn't dismounting the classic way.....but Pontoni,Vervecken and a few others dismount this way. I asked both why and they said it works for them.
BTW...those photos have been stretched sideways...which makes the riders look fat and barriers look short.
true dat, mayor.....gregg
Nov 29, 2001 9:08 AM
...I had to kinda squish the photos a bit to make them fit in our header image guidelines, so there was a bit of distortion. Apologies to the guy in the middle, he came out looking a bit thicker.

And I second the "if you don't like it, post some yourself" motion.


p.s. Mad props to all you Cross racers out there! I tried it once and I couldn't get my HRM to shut up the whole time! Truly, the hardest type of bicycle racing I've ever tried (road or mtn.) Wish the Cup was back in SF!
true dat, mayor.....themayor
Nov 29, 2001 9:29 AM
Well Greg....airline prices are cheap right now!
As great as the Presidio was....Baltimore is going to be all that and a bag of chips!
The course is going to be a kicker!
re: what's up with the pics above???adventurefind
Nov 28, 2001 10:47 AM
They are just pictures showing cross. Lighten up.