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Opinions PLEASE - Cheap First Time Shoes(3 posts)

Opinions PLEASE - Cheap First Time ShoesDavidK
Nov 19, 2001 9:41 AM
I raced in my first cyclocross race yesterday and had a lot of fun. I used running shoes with toeclips and straps and know that I need to move up to clipless pedals and shoes. I do not want to spend a lot of money. I have found the following shoes on sale online and would really welcome any commments, etc. Lake MX80 ($40.00) Specialized Comp Mtn ($52.00) Specialized Sport MTB ($21.00) Answer Impact ($61.00)

(I have only spent about $120.00 on the bike so far. I found an old Schwinn Passage for sale for $20.00 and have added new brakes to it. I also bought some Kenda Tires to go on one of my old wheelsets.)

Thanks. DavidK
el cheapo shoesPablo
Nov 19, 2001 5:09 PM
I still have my first pair of Specialized MTB shoes I bought for around $30 back in college. They ain't bad for the money. Little to no cushioning, but it's a bike shoe. Not so comfy for the run-ups, but you're on the horse more than you're off. Worth a try if you wanna go the cheap route.
re: Opinions PLEASE - Cheap First Time ShoesHaulinAssJunior
Nov 19, 2001 8:37 PM
OK heres my opinions and stories. I bought a pair of Specialized Sport Mountain Shoes 2 years ago for 20 bucks and have worn them p[retty much everyday sincce then but last week they broke. So I went on the hunt for a new cheap pair of shoes on there is some really good deals I ordered myself up a pair of Answer Speders because they were supposed to be the nicest shoe for the money and they were onsale for $50 but when I got them they were too small (runs smaller than Specialized) So then I got back on the same site and ordered up a pair of Axo Vipers (they were out of Speeders in my size) and I have heard nothing but positive things about this shoe. They also have the Axo Blackball for like $30 and those looked pretty nice too.
But while we're on the subject of shoes lets talk pedals heres what to do buy a pair of Shimano 515's if your going to go cheap buy these $40 very sweet pedals I have them on all 3 of my bikes, here's what not to do- buy a pair of knock off shimano "type" pedals, I have had those kind stay away from Wellgo, Ritchey, Nashbar, Performance or any of those other "shimano Type" pedals they cost just as much as 515's and dont work half as good.