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Is this realistic?(4 posts)

Is this realistic?mackgoo
Nov 19, 2001 2:28 AM
I'm a roadie. With winter fast aproaching here in MA., Ive been scrambling for some kind of trainer for indoor work. I'm starting to think that maybe I could get into some kind of cyclo cross bike and continue my 7 mile commute through the winter. Is this doable? Is it possible to ride in the snow? On snowy streets? Obviously durring the blizzards I'll take the car.
re: Is this realistic?climbo
Nov 19, 2001 8:58 AM
sure, it's possible. Riding in snow is hard but you can get where you need to go if it's 7 miles. You just have to experiment with what tyres work best for you and how the roads are, i.e. cleared or not.
re: Is this realistic?Ray Sachs
Nov 19, 2001 10:16 AM
Up to a couple of inches of snow is ok with regular tires - just take it really easy in the corners. REALLY easy. Ice is worse than snow and I seem to live in a band where we tend to get stuck with the in between weather, which often means ice. Super skinny tires aren't a good idea but something around a 28-35 mm with light tread works well for me. I've been commuting year round for a few years now and haven't had much trouble riding in light snow and patchy ice. I got a set of studded tires for this winter, which should make it easier and more secure. They better be good in snow and ice, though, because they really suck on dry pavement!

re: Is this realistic?Elvis Karate
Nov 23, 2001 8:08 PM
I rode last winter on my MTB and my Cross bike when the roads were pretty snowy. I prefered the mountain bike. It was a little more stable. Also it is ti so the elements were a little less brutal than on my steel CX bike.

I borrowed a buddies wheels with studded tires once (mtb) and they made a lot bigger difference than I thought. I got the idea to put some short sheet metal screws in my shoe soles and it worked pretty good too. I also wore volley ball knee, and roller blade elbow pads after my second dump. You are going to fall. Ice is very unforgiving and scoffs at rubber.

Good luck because it isn't easy. Cars hate you and you have a lot less room to avoid them with no sholder. And if you know your going down head for the snow, hurts less than the ice.