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If it were logal....(5 posts)

If it were logal....Endoverend
Nov 15, 2001 2:47 PM
would you ride with flat bars with bar ends instead of drop bars for 'cross?
meant to say "legal" not "logal" above (nm)Endoverend
Nov 15, 2001 2:49 PM
Nov 16, 2001 2:18 AM
Get better leverage and control, esp under breaking. Take 1/2 the fun out of it though...
Not exactlyJan Gerrit Klok
Nov 16, 2001 4:20 AM
I would like diffently shaped drops, perhaps wider with a sharper bend on the side. I like the attacking position of holding the STI´s, but need a wider flat part, WITH brake levers. I could and - probably will - use Empella levers, but those are then mounted closer to each other then ideal.
You have good grip for accelerating on your mtb barends, but lack the shifting and braking controls. And yes, I do remember XTR bar-endshifters. Even those brakelever-enhancers.
So what am I talking about here? Don´t know anymore... :-)

Oh, and I hardly ever use the lower postion of my 46cm Deda 215, think about shortening by 2x4cm or even totally cutting it off under the levers. That part is also in the way under shouldering and running (I carry my bike under the seat, not the toptube).
re: If it were logal....climbo
Nov 16, 2001 8:35 AM
no, you can use top mount brake levers if you want to for braking position. Drop bars are much easier for sprinting and going hard, plus it makes a perfect fit when you shoulder the bike, the bar is right at your hand.