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Spooky Set-uptriangleforge
Nov 13, 2001 11:43 AM
Mounted up a new set of Spooky Brakes to my VooDoo Wazoo and really like
them so far (thanks for all the strong recommendations on this forum!),
but it's clear that there's a lot more performance I can tweak
out of them. I'm relatively familar with the intricacies of cantilever
brake tuning, but will cheerfully take any insider tips & tricks Spooky
riders can offer. A couple of specific questions:

1) Brake Pads: I'm using KoolStop Eagle Claw red compound pads, but am
curious what others are using. They seem quite "grabby," with only modest
braking up to a point, then taking hold with a vengance. That's OK on the
road, but in sketchy traction it gets a little hairy; I'd prefer a more
linear braking performance. This was even more pronounced on the lo-profile
Shimano cantis I was using before the Spookys (same bike, same rims), so
I'm starting to suspect the pads.

2) Straddle cable: What do you recommend for straddle cables? I'm currently
using old-style Campagnolo woven derailleur cables which are a little bit
heavier-duty than modern derailleur cable. The cable end "button" on
derailleur cable seemed the best fit for the straddle cable stop, but I
think I'm getting a lot more stretch than I would with a brake cable, and
I'm not real confident in the long-term durability of the cable end in such
a high-tension application. Also, are you generally running them in a
"high-straddle" (long straddle cable, maximizes pad to rim clearance,
modulation) cable position, or a "low-straddle" (maximize braking power)
set up?