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Trek vs. Kona cyclocrossredpoint
Nov 7, 2001 3:57 PM
Im in the market for a cyclocross bike and was looking at Trek and Kona's cyclocross bikes. Any thoughts on the bikes. Also anyone know where I could get a good deal or last years models?
re: Trek vs. Kona cyclocrossmuncher
Nov 8, 2001 1:48 AM
I've not ridden a Trek CX, but I have a Jake the snake, with Campy racing triple and ops on Record hubs, and avids. It's just under 20 lbs, great to ride, and bomb proof. I'm not sure about the quality of the stock components - I seem to remember it's tiagra? - but the frame and forks are great, providing you get a fit you like - I don't know what the difference in Geo is between the two - but I'm a pretty regular 5,11" and the medium frame fits me fine. Word of warning - the frame and forks are hard on the road - if you are planning on going there a lot, I'd look at some 25 tyres - makes a big difference.
re: Trek vs. Kona cyclocrosshaulinassjunior
Nov 8, 2001 5:58 PM
Don't go for the last year models, they may be a little bit cheaper but the new Jake the Snake is a truly premium ride last years model had Sora 8 spd stuff on it which isnt bad stuff it just won't hold upall that long the 2002 model has 105 components which are great (it's what I have set up on my bike) so I wouldgo for the Kona> But if you are a big Trek fan or you just like the looks of the Trek go for it I have ridden one and the ride of the aluminum is not all that great you could get the Lemond Poprad which has the same components as the Trek for the same price and it will ride a whole lot smoother. but if you see the new Treks yoy will probably want one they are complete eye candy but I dont know what the components are on it so be wise and choose the right bike. I would go for the Kona 2002 Jake w/ 105 I have ridden on they are truly sweet. Sorry for the long post.