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Those drunken Surlys...(3 posts)

Those drunken Surlys...Ahimsa
Nov 1, 2001 12:37 PM
...never answered my email question...

So I'll ask you, the Crosscheck owners instead.

The Surly website says that the 'check will accomodate 29" WTB Nanoraptor tires quote: "If you are careful".


Careful how, eh? What's that mean? No fenders?

I'm looking to build up a winter specific commuter that will double as a single speed 'crosser. It will be a flip flop rear hub for fixed gear transportation thru the sub zero freeze and the above thirty slush muck of this ol' city o' mine, then flipped for freewheeling trail tracking otherwise.

I'd like to try those gnasty WTB's if they will work with fenders (so my frozen arse at least stays dry). If not I'll plop the change down for some Nokia studded skins or just run Michelin muddies. ice and those frozen grey slush boulders that the buses drop like turds....can't wait...


re: Those drunken Surlys...BAM
Nov 1, 2001 6:14 PM
I haven`t tried Nanoraptors but you could use Ritchey Zeds 700x42 (actual casing measurement is 44). These are a great trail tires with plenty of grip. You should also be able to still get fenders on. If you are going to use this bike for foul weather make sure to coat the inside of the frame with Frame Saver rust proofing. The Surly is a sweet ride, I absolutety love mine.
Aaah yes, steel and oxidation...Ahimsa
Nov 1, 2001 6:45 PM
We should speak of rust in the same whispery hushed tones old women reserve for bad words like "cancer" and "drunkard". Know what I mean, eh?

Yah, I'll be certain to rust proof 'er, thanks for the reminder. I've been riding aluminum for awhile now and it will be odd to return to the realm of red iron oxide.

Ritchey Zeds? Hmmmm....I'll head over to the Logic site right now...700 x 44? Heh heh heh!

A. (soon to be slush master)