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need help specing x-bike10
Oct 24, 2001 3:14 PM
hi all.

i'm about to buy my first x-bike, and feel that i could use some advice when it comes to components. the bike will see a fair amount of off road (no x-races though), but will probably mostely be used on pavement (road training, comuting, etc). my thoughts are these:

* since i don't have too much money to spend, i'll start with a straight 105 group. are there any 105 components that absolutely need to be upgraded? what brakes available in europe are a good choice (i asume v-brakes are out?)? would i be better off going campagnolo (a bit more expensive)? do mtb components have a place on a x-bike?

* what gear ratio would be appropriate, given the kind of use it'll see, and the fact that i have some problems with my knees? triple cranks?

* what about wheels? i'm fairly big and heavy (6´5, 210 lbs), so i assume i need pretty sturdy wheels. 32 hole mavic rims (any particular model?) and 105 hubs?

i will probably get a road wheel set sometime in the future if that makes any difference.

thanks in advance for any input you guys have!
re: need help specing x-bikethemayor
Oct 25, 2001 6:00 AM
105 stuff works fine....a lot of pros have it on thier cross bikes.

I run a 12-27 or 12-25 out back and 38/46 rings...that should be plenty of range.

Get the best wheels you can afford...don't buy bargain bin wheels.Mavic Cosmos are cheap and seem to hold up under big guys around here...or have a local reputable builder make you a set,they'll be lighter and stronger.
re: need help specing x-bikebadabill
Oct 25, 2001 10:41 AM
105 group is fine. I would go the triple route if you plan to do a lot of road riding, the 52tooth comes in handy on the road. I use a set of mavic cxp21/105 wheels that have held up to alot of abuse. open pros are another option. Cantilever brakes are your cheapest option, they work fine. Check out some of the year end deals on built up bikes, you can find some great prices right now.
re: need help specing x-bikeThe Walrus
Oct 25, 2001 10:43 AM
105 components are fine, although MTB components do, indeed, have a place as long as you're not worried about the purists. I, too, am bordering on the Clydesdale range (and middle-age) and my knees are getting creaky, and I found that an XT rear and an 11-32 with 48/38 rings worked well for me. I considered a triple for a while, but haven't found anything on the fire roads and singletrack I ride that I couldn't handle with the current setup.
re: need help specing x-bikechindogu
Oct 25, 2001 2:22 PM
A note on the wheels: I've been riding and racing a new set of Mavic Cosmos for a month now and have been impressed. I weigh in at 215. Anxious to see how the hold up over the long-run. Good luck.