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How strong in a cyclo cross wheel(4 posts)

How strong in a cyclo cross wheelDREW
Oct 23, 2001 10:01 AM
is the wheel strong enoph to jump a curd alot. i am think of buildign a city bike with cyclocross wheels
Oct 23, 2001 11:36 AM
Disclaimer: I'm not saying that 700 c wheels are not durable, they can be very tough indeed. That said, if you really want to bash curbs and such, my advice is as follows.

I'm not sure one would describe a specific cyclocross wheel per se, as most seem to use road wheelsets. There are some 'cross speced wheels out there no doubt, but Mavic open pros laced 32 to road hubs seem to be the most popular set up I've seen. (Anyone else care to jump in here?)

There are 'cross rims though, and I have had great luck with my Salsa Delgado Cross pair lately.

In all honesty though, if you are looking for curb hopping urban bombers, you may want to stick to MTB (26") set ups. This is why free ride bikes use 'em. Durability is certainly possible in a 700 c, but the TIRE is often the factor most relevant to the abuse it can take. A larger lower pressure tire takes more shock out of hits and also spreads the contact patch out to absorb greater impacts.

My advice would be downhill/freeride MTB wheels and a frame to accomodate them.

If you really want super strength and 700c, then go with a box type profile rim (touring types or 'cross specific) and build them 36 spoke in 14 guage. The hub will depend on the bike as some 'cross bikes use MTB hubs (135 mm) and others use road (130 mm). Surly bikes has an inbetween spacing that accomodates either size on the Crosscheck frame (like 132.5 mm).

Good luck!

re: How strong in a cyclo cross wheelMJ
Oct 24, 2001 1:14 AM
if by jumping you mean bunnyhopping curbs - you should be fine w/700 with a sturdy rim

if you mean dragging your back wheel over things at sped and freestyling tabletop moves - stick w/26 in.
Ahimsa's got itmuncher
Oct 24, 2001 9:27 AM
OPs built that way are as strong as most - you'll really have to try to trash them - but you have to thing tyres - any wheel will suffer if you smack it on a curb/pothole at speed with only a skinny tyre to take the impact. Get a generous tyre that you can run at 80psi plus (depending on your weight) and you should be fine.