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Which Tubulars and a TUFO question.(2 posts)

Which Tubulars and a TUFO question.mosovich
Oct 21, 2001 5:08 PM
I was wondering which tubulars you guys may be using for cross? I have a set of TUFO Prestige's that I had a flat with today, (first ride). I wasn't aware (embarrassed to say) that you couldn't repair the TUFO's. I've tried some Slime, we'll see how it goes, but was wondering what other tubulars are out there and what do you guys recommend. This is my first experience with tubulars and right now I'm kinda bummed. Thanks for your responses in advance.
re: Which Tubulars and a TUFO question.PW
Oct 21, 2001 7:38 PM
You can repair a TUFO with Slime or TUFO brand sealant provided the puncture isn't too big. This is why the TUFO presta valves can be unthreaded. A thorn hole or similar can be sealed this way. Position the wheel so the sealant flows into the hole. The Prestige's are pretty fragile - they should be used for racing only and not on rocky courses. The Pro's are more versatile and durable, but they should also be used on race day only. Size 32 or 34 mm offer the best traction/cushion. Run 'em at low pressure. 45 max and many guys run 'em at 35.