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Powdercoat Knicks on a Steel Frame... Rust Prevention(2 posts)

Powdercoat Knicks on a Steel Frame... Rust PreventionGreentibet
Oct 21, 2001 10:25 AM
Hey everyone...

I've gotta 2000 DEAN Torreys CX bike that I used for training and CX racing. Anyways, the factory powdercoat isn't as strong as I would have liked... I got two sets of knicks over the summer, all on the downtube--- some minor scrapes from mounting the bike on the Thule, a few from road debris. Anyways, none of them seem to have exposed the steel but I can't seem to get the inside of the scrapes clean. What should I do? Paintpen over then? Also, any ideas on how to prevent further damage from the Thule. Thanks,

re: Powdercoat Knicks on a Steel Frame... Rust Preventionclimbo
Oct 22, 2001 8:59 AM
if the steel isn't exposed it shouldn't matter, you can touch up the paint with nail polish. If it cuts deeper and is a problem, use sand paper to clean it out and then prime and paint with good quality auto-shop paint.