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Kelly Knobby Crosscxking
Oct 17, 2001 11:13 AM
I got a new 61cm Kelly Knobby Cross this season and so far I am very happy with it except for one thing, the fork. The tubing is True Temper Platinum OX as is th fork I would assume. Any way here is the problem under hard braking the fork shakes back and forth to the point the front tire hits the frame. The shop I purchased it from called Kelly and was told the fork was designed to flex under braking, they suggested detuning the brakes to make them less grabby. We tried that it it was a little better with even braking at lower speeds but under hard braking during races it is still a major problem. I am a big guy 6'6" 200lbs so I have accepted the fact that many ultralight parts are not suitable for me. Kelly has assured me this is the same fork their team riders use with no problems at all. I wanted to send the fork back and be credited the difference so I could get another fork but Kelly was adament in their stance that my brakes were too strong(?) Thats like saying the seatblets in my car are too secure. I have since put on a Kinesis fork and it is great. That is the long version my question is, has anyone else had similar problems with the Kelly or any other steel fork? Also, if anyone wants a green Kelly fork I'll trade you staight up for some Pabst Blue Ribbon and a bag of chips.
re: Kelly Knobby CrosssoulFire
Oct 17, 2001 11:26 AM
Sorry to hear that the fork didn't work out for you. At least the Kinesis is a good fix. Are you serious about selling/trading/giving the fork away? I have a '96 Bontrager CX with a Steelman fork and am looking for a more "compliant" fork to ease wrist pain. I see from Kelly's site that the fork is a 1" treadless. Let me know about the fork. Thanks...

re: Kelly Knobby Crosscxking
Oct 17, 2001 12:12 PM
Sure I would like someone to get some use out of it. Give me your e-mail and we can hash out the details.
re: Kelly Knobby CrosssoulFire
Oct 17, 2001 12:21 PM
re: Kelly Knobby Crossflyweight
Oct 19, 2001 8:14 AM
What brakes are you using? Fork shudder is pretty common. The forks are designed to be flexible for comfort in the rought stuff. Also brakes CAN be too powerfull, especially on 'cross bikes. More power (like a V-brake) simply makes it easier to lock up the wheels and go into a skid. This is due to the rather tiny contact patch of a 30mm knobby. On many of my cross bikes I've found that I need to run a more low profile canti brake such as a Deore XT or Paul Touring in order to eliminate unwanted shuddering. Of course at your height and weight you will need a stronger fork.
re: Kelly Knobby Crosscxking
Oct 19, 2001 10:28 AM
I am using Avid Shorty cantilevers. The Kinesis fork upon further riding actually does not entirely solve the problem but it is better. The kinesis legs do not flex at all but the steerer tube does under heavy braking. It sems that given the size of my frame (61cm) Kelly should use an 1 1/8" steerer. My assumption was if they build it in that size it should accomidate the rider especially as I am pretty light for my height. Thanks for the input.
re: Kelly Knobby CrossPNW Cross
Oct 25, 2001 4:34 PM
I've got a 57cm Knobby Cross with the straight blade, one inch fork. I'm using Mr. Grumpys with a very low profile pad. Last season it worked great with new pads, this year (same pads) I am getting a bit of fork shudder under heavy breaking. The frustrating thing about Mr. Grumpys is there is no adjustment options short of bending the cantilever mounting stud.

In any case, you could try a different pad.

As far as durability is concerned, this frame has been hammered on as it is in its fourth cross season and still holding up.
re: Kelly Knobby Crossbicyclemaven
Nov 3, 2001 3:43 PM
I've got the 59cm Knobby cross frameset, 3 years old. I use it for "adventure road riding" and for the past 3 seasons I've raced it in the North Carolina cross series. At about 190lbs, I've seen no more fork flex or shudder than with other bikes (some with Kinesis, some with steel forks - Kona straight blade and Voodoo curved. I think this is a good frameset, fork included. The main weakness (strength?) is the weight. Even the lower-priced aluminum framesets are coming in close to two pounds lighter. One bonus is the powdercoat finish, still looking great after much use!