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How fat is the blunt race announcers smoke...(1 post)

How fat is the blunt race announcers smoke...chindogu
Oct 13, 2001 1:44 PM
I just spent a memorable day watching the SuperCup Cyclocross Series in Gloucester, MA.

Each race was exciting. The course was beautiful. The competition supreme. So why, why do the announcers have to muck it up with mind numbing dribble throughout the race?

In the men's eltie race, the gap between first and second seemed like a mile yet the announcers yelped and spewed as if it was a sprint finish in the TDF. The whole crowd was annoyed with their efforts.

Let me be clear, a good announcer can involve the crowd and spirit excitement while being true to the events of the race but these guys distracted and demeaned an otherwise pleasant event.

Go back to calling Monstor truck rallies.