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Colnago Dream Cross vs Independant Planet Cross(10 posts)

Colnago Dream Cross vs Independant Planet Crossfredrider
Oct 12, 2001 11:36 AM
Which bike is better? I have a C-40 Colnago for road. I like both bikes, any thoughts on which is better? Thanks.
re: Colnago Dream Cross vs Independant Planet Crossmtbr007
Oct 12, 2001 1:11 PM
Hmmm...I'm not sure. The Colnago definitely picks up the fashionable chicks with silly Euro accents...err, on the other hand, the IF attracts those girls from the trailer park that your mother warned you about.

Sorry, couldn't help myself!!! In all honesty, though, why would anyone spend 1100+ on a frame they ride for three months. But I guess that's what is "in" now. Jeaz, 'cross used to be a bunch of guys/gals with bikes cobbled together from who-knows-where and 6-spd wheelsets left over from the 1980s.
re: Colnago Dream Cross vs Independant Planet Crossclimbo
Oct 12, 2001 4:34 PM
ouch! bitter are we? You CAN ride a CX frame all year around. So tell us why roadies spend well over $1100 on frames, wheelsets, TT bikes etc. etc. etc.
re: Colnago Dream Cross vs Independant Planet Crossmosovich
Oct 12, 2001 5:43 PM
I'd go with Planet Cross, of course I'm biased, I own one, but realistically, I have two friend that own the Colnago. They have face a couple problems:

1. Tire width. They are having to run Vittoria Tigre cross tires in a 27 mm width, because NOTHING else will fit. Well, they fit, but there is no clearance at all. About 2 mm between the tire and the front derailur. Clearance is a must and with the Planet X you have that and then some.
2. They both had problems with the seat collar stripping out and not holding the seatpost properly.

Personally, I think the Colnago is beautiful, but the IF is alot more fuctional. The Colnago frame is heavier than the IF as well. The welds are big and bulky on the Colnago, where as all the welds on the IF are very simple.

Customer service at IF is unbelievable!!!! Those guys rock! I've had my frame repainted and when I ordered my frame they were there to answer any question at all. You can't get that from Colnago. Try getting a Colnago repainted, plus to me the Colnago is just too damn beautiful to run through the mud, both guys that own the Colnagos are so sentive about that, because the bike is just so damn beautiful. I don't worry about my IF because hell, all you gotta do is mail it back to IF and they'll repaint it any way you want it. Their paint is good and they do some kickass art work.

Anyway, that's just my opinion. I'm not trying to beat up colnago, but the tire issue is a big one and the customer service level would definately be another. Please let me know what you decide, I've include a pic of my IF and I think if you asked any IF owner, they'd buy again.
re: Thanks for the great input. ntfredrider
Oct 15, 2001 9:32 AM
nt. a Surly...Ahimsa
Oct 12, 2001 6:35 PM
...but then, I love Heavy Metal.

Heh heh heh!

Personally, I am very happy with the ride of my Cannondale cross frame, but I covet the Crosscheck despite the slight weight penalty. If it bothered me that much I'd just cut back a bit on the Guinness.

Not to abandon 'cross topics, but has anyone ridden a Surly Steamroller? It's on my wish list for next season to fill the role of "training/coffee shop/late night ride home from the bar" bike.

I think I'm in need of a FIXED FIX.

Instead of Surly check out Somaflyweight
Oct 15, 2001 3:49 PM
Check out the Soma Rush instead of the Surly Steamroller. Soma is a new line designed by American Cyclery in San Francisco and Merry Sales Co. They're made in the same factory as Surly but with slightly nice tubing and more braze-ons. The Rush is a single speed bike similar to the Steamroller but with 2 sets of bottle mounts and nicer tubing. Check them out at:
re: Colnago Dream Cross vs Independant Planet Crossflyweight
Oct 15, 2001 1:29 PM
Better? In what way?? There are a lot of ways in which one frame can be better than another.

That said, here's my $.02 worth:

I own a Colnago cross bike. It's not a Dream, it's made from Easton aluminum and has a flat crown fork with a threaded steer tube. It's a leftover Rabo team bike and very light. Had it for over 3 years now and it's held up better than I would have expected. It's definitely a racing bike - no bottle mounts and clearance is fine for skinny 27mm racing tires but not the fatter tires that seem more common here in the US. Full bike with DuraAce, ATACs and TUFOs weighs in at 19 pounds. Handles great, very nimble. Biggest downside is that they're so expensive. You can get equally good machines for a great deal less. Of course only the Conago has that chi-chi appeal!

IF make as perfect a bike as you can get. Of course so do plenty of other people. You can get a Gunnar cross bike made by Waterford (every bit as good at welding as the folks at IF) for $750. That's ~$500 less than the IF Planet Cross. Granted IF gives you more color and size options but that's still a big chunk of change. If you're going to seriously ride and race on the bike why spend so much money on something that's going to get the crap beat out of it?
IF Planet Cross, here's why...Zoot
Oct 17, 2001 11:34 PM
Above all you should go by fit but if they're both acceptable...

I'm sorry if this inflames the colnago fans on the board, but their quality has gone down quite a bit in the last 5 years or so. I work at a shop where we have a fairly large high-end cleint base and I see 10 or so colnago frames to be assembled a year. It seems every one needs seat tube reeming, head tube reaming and facing, and bottom bracket facing (not unusual at all) and thread-chasing (quite unusual). I'm not sure if they powder-coat the dream plus, but if it's like their other road framesets the paint is fairly delicate, though beautiful. The tell tale sign of a craftsmans skill in welding is the bottom bracket weld. Colnago BB welds are better than larger brands but dont hold a candle to an IF, Ibis, Seven, or Ritchey. My personal favorite high end builder or CX frames is Steelman and if you haven't given them a look, i would recommend it. those are my ramblings and you can take them at face value.
IF Planet Cross, here's why...flyweight
Oct 19, 2001 8:25 AM
5 years? Sad thing is Colnago quality has gone way up. I remember seeing Colnago frames in the 1980's that were absolute crap! Besides all the problems you listed they had flaking chrome, run marks in the paint, uneven clear coating, misaligned water bottle braze-ons and frames more crooked than a politician. We saw some frames that where every tube was out of alignment!

Despite that I own a Rabo team cross bike (not a Dream cross) and love it.