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Hutchinson Pro Tyres(4 posts)

Hutchinson Pro Tyresclimbo
Oct 9, 2001 8:35 AM
Has anybody ridden or seen the Hutchinson CX tyres. Their MTB tyres get a lot of good wraps here in the NE, NJ/PA area. Thinking about getting some as my Campo's are about down to slicks right now.
re: Hutchinson Pro TyresJan Gerrit Klok
Oct 9, 2001 11:36 AM
I got the Pro series 30mm stock on a Sunn Cyclos.
Don't really know what to think of them, apart from that they are dangerous for commuting. They can't handle grooves in the road, for instance between bricks. The smallest grooves will feel like railtracks, if you get my drift.
The tyes I have are steel beaded and weigh about 380g.

Don't ever use them in low pressure setup, they swerve a lot, feels like they will run off the rim. Grip offroad seems very reasonable, traction as could be expected, running them at 4+ bar. I'll just race the Tufo's, those are in a different league.

I'm a real Scrooge when it come to tyres, even if I try a lot of them. So I'll use the Pro Series till they're slicks. I think that will take me about 1 full drivetrain...
Next set for cummiting will be very cheap city tyres for normal bikes. Unlimited mileage, good rolling resistence and safe in most road conditions.
re: Hutchinson Pro Tyresclimbo
Oct 9, 2001 12:26 PM
I'm a real scrooge too, my current tyres have almost no knobs on the back tire in the middle, like a semi-slick. I won't be using the tyres on road at all so they sound OK for a race tyre. Thanks. I'll keep an eye on the tyre pressure too.
re: Hutchinson Pro Tyresfreefal401
Oct 11, 2001 5:48 AM
I'm riding a pair right now--just replaced a set of Vittoria Tigres. They ride like big knobby mountain bike tires and are heavier than the Vittorias, but for trail riding, they're pretty good. I can ride sections that I could not ride on the narrower Vittorias. Don't know that this would make any difference in a race, though.