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Rear Mech Failure(2 posts)

Rear Mech Failurecross bro
Oct 8, 2001 6:54 AM
In my experience the most regular mechanical failure in cross races is the rear mech. During most cross races in muddy conditions riders will be seen with broken rear mechs and/or broken rear mech hangers caused by the chain de-railing to the wheel side of the largest sprocket.
No doubt some of these failures will be caused by incorrect setting of the top stop, but there appears to be a more fundamental problem. What are the cures? Is it less likely to occurr with MTB mechs rather than road?. Are sprockets with more than say 27T more likely to cause it?.Is is more likely with lower end mechs such as Sora compared to Ultegra etc.?, Comments please.
One thought....muncher
Oct 11, 2001 3:14 AM
The larger the top sprocket, the greater the gap twixt it and the spokes - and the further for it to drop down towards the hub, then wedge, and the harder to retrieve, as you have to "wind it out" a greater distance. This leads to greater emotional stress, which leads to greater physical stress as people try to yank them out.

Answer? I suppose a thicker spoke protector behind the group?

Other solution - two/three speed bike - single on the rear, 2/3 rings up front.