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HEY TIMO(4 posts)

Oct 4, 2001 5:50 AM
long time no see here

did you ever get your Donohue mtb sorted out? what's the set up - is it rigid or with a shock?

I've got some pictures on my home computer which I'll try and post of the cross bike - everything worked out in the end and after a bit of screaming and shouting (from me to them) they did me right - it's a great machine and I spent the summer on and off road - put in 2000 miles from mid-April to September... the service 'experience' is the only thing that would keep me from Donohue reccomendations without reservations

I'll post the pics soon
re: HEY TIMOTimo Vennonen
Oct 11, 2001 9:33 PM
Hi there,

I've been suffering a bout of flu OR a overtraining for the last month or so. That's one ot the reasons for not taking part. I also missed a trip to the Pyrenees, I should be there right now...

I got the Donohue all right, but my LBS had a lot of difficulties fitting the head set - apparently it had either distorted a bit during welding or something had hit it during the shipping. Eventually everything turned out to be fine, but I share your opinion of Donohue's customer service (I think I could fill a book the stories). There's a lot to be gained on that front. Like I've said before, the product is good but the attitude bad.

I read an UK thread somewhere about similar experiences with the local custom builders. They weren't referring to Donohue, I think it was a shop from Liverpool. So maybe it's not a question whether you are in the same country or no. They seem to treat all their customers the same way. What a relief!

There's something special in the British products though, Britishness? I'll have to find some pics of my Donohues and post them here.


They're legendarymuncher
Oct 12, 2001 12:47 AM
The (one of the) other guys is Bob Jackson. I have never heard a bad work said about any of his bikes, or a good word said about him and his customer service. A chap I know had a MTB custom build by him (lotsa £)- he wanted a custom paint job on the lugs (this was a while ago, the bike is steel) and Bob charged £400 for this - and then moaned like mad that he didn't need this sort of work and it was a pain the the arse to do!

Great bike though.
Oct 12, 2001 2:55 AM
look forward to the pictures and your comments on the bike - how's it set up? did you take delivery of a whole bike or just a frame?

on delivery my rear mech was busted, the quick release axle was bent and the chain was in a figure 8 - very poor indeed - what was up with the headset?

UK customer service is surly at best - they're bad with everyone

it's difficult ot get food when you're out to eat - just try and get a bike!