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Whats with the anemic 'cross series???(7 posts)

Whats with the anemic 'cross series???Neo
Oct 1, 2001 2:10 PM
Wisconsin's cross series last year involved eight races in seven weeks. This year, its down to four, which includes the state championships in December. The Supercup is down on events.......but Velo news is trying to do its part by promoting the sport, manufactures are producing complete 'cross bikes, it doesnt correlate............

Also, BTW, I know that the sport is cyclo-cross, run in the weather, but really,..... Wisconsin state Championships in December? We have ski races starting the same weekend. It could be 50 and sunny or it could be 15 degrees and have two feet of snow on the ground. November has many open dates. A month between the last event and the State Chmpships is odd also.

just my $0.02 worth.......
re: Whats with the anemic 'cross series???cxking
Oct 2, 2001 5:00 AM
My guess is the promoter got tired of getting out of bed @ 6am for seven cold Saturdays in a row for very little or no money. Maybe you could try and put on some races yourself? Or offer to help the existing promoter and use his/her experience and equipment to add a few races to the calender. I gotta admit December 'cross in Wisconsin sounds pretty brutal but maybe thats why Matt Kelly was able to win in Poprad.
Bad weather is part of the challenge.Pack Meat
Oct 2, 2001 1:16 PM
You have to be careful here... Did you thank the organizers last year for their time and effort? Did you buy the products of the sponsors? Did you tell all of your friends how great cross is and that they should get out and race or watch the races? Cross is a very old sport that's experiencing a revival, it's position in the US cycling community is tentative at best. If you love cross, as many of us on this board do, you must be an advocate of the sport and talk it up and support it as much as possible. I'm not saying that you don't do these things, I'm just saying that the organizers put on races for the love of the sport and you should do what you can to support them.

That's just my opinoin, I could be wrong.

Yes, I have done my part.......and tried to do moreNeo
Oct 3, 2001 7:17 AM
I have thanked the sponsors and promoters. In person, and later by letter. I have helped out. I also tried to put on our own event in the northern part of the state (all WI events take place between Madison and Milwaukee areas) but my request and the requests of others have fallen on deaf ears.

For instance, the preliminary calendar had an event (the first race) scheduled for last weekend. A buddy tried calling the promoter on three different occasions, leaving messages. No call back. Also, much to our dismay in traveling to the location, no event. It was on an early calendar, and I know you are supposed to call first, but if there wasnt an event, couldnt the guy have called back just once and let us know? This is a way for us NOT to attend future races.

A newcomer to the area from Oregon who is a total cross freak also said he wanted to put on more events in the Appleton, Green Bay area, (NE WI), but he did not get any response back from the state association or other promoters.

I have been the keystone for cross in the area. I have gotten others involved, brought them to races and even put on informal "clinics" weekly at a local park. I have done my part.
Yes, I have done my part.......and tried to do moregeetee
Oct 3, 2001 9:53 AM

First off: relax. As a fellow Wisconsinite, I too am bummed by the thin 'cross sked. A few thoughts...

1) re: The errors on the preliminary WCA 'cross schedule. I believe our Regional USCF rep seimply transposed last year's races onto this year's dates. The schedule was *never* valid.

2) Factoring in the Chicago Supercup and Lake Villa brings the race total to six. Hopefully Bob Schwartz in Chippewa Falls will put on his annual race ( The ABR also had a sweet 4-race series around Rockford, IL ( but I don't know if they will again this year.

3) Are you saying that you offered to promote a 'cross race and were turned away by the USCF? I'm not saying you weren't, but that would seem an act of hubris on their part. If you're serious about putting on a race, my advice is to talk with WCA head honcho Jerry Pearc ( He's a 'cross fanatic and is again hosting the Estabrook race, but is stretched a bit thin in his role with the WCA.

My team is hosting the Cambridge race. I'm jazzed about having Championships in Green Bay on Dec 2. No Packer game that weekend, so traffic should be light. And the weather will certainly be a factor - that's what 'cross is about.
...... do more......mtnbykr
Oct 3, 2001 3:59 PM
No race in Chippewa Falls this year. Goto for the series in and around Minnesota. You could come up to Superior for our race on Oct 28. Goto for more details.

If there was a demand for more cx in Northern WI (some of us are really "up north") COGGS might be able to promote more cx racing in Superior.

re: Whats with the anemic 'cross series???themayor
Oct 3, 2001 11:56 AM
You could always move to New England. We have an ocean...and 20 cross races on our calendar...including 4 UCI events, a SuperCup....and Natz are only a few hours away.And we have less-than-eyball-freezing weather.