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Hey BAM....(2 posts)

Hey BAM....Mitch
Sep 30, 2001 4:32 PM
When we were talking about brakes before and you mentioned how much you like the Diacompe 980. Well, I was driving down the Pacific Coast Highway and I stopped by Cambria Bikes in Redondo beach. I asked if they still carry old canti brakes and the shop manager pulled out a box full of them. And to my suprise I saw a set of brand new front & rear Diacompe 986 w/ pads so I asked how much. Dude, $ 15.00 for the whole set! I snatched it right away,man! He is also selling XT cant's for $ 10-12 for the front(brand new!!) Now I will see how this brakes will perform on my trusty Rock Lobster.

Happy Trails,
Venice, Ca
re: Hey BAM....BAM
Sep 30, 2001 6:43 PM
I switched the rear XTR pads for the salmon colored Koolstops which Sheldon Brown mentions on his site. They do have more stopping power than the XTRs. It sure was interesting to offroad with cantis again but they worked better on the Surly than they ever did on any of my MTBs . Read Sheldon`s site on setup if haven`t already. He gives excellent advise .