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First Trail RideBAM
Sep 30, 2001 10:05 AM
Well finally got the Surly out for a trail ride. In a word, SWEET, wish I sold my MTB`s and built this bike years ago. I had no trouble going where my friends took their hardtails. From rocky downhills to uphill, this bike rocks. Now if my fitness level was up to what the bike can handle I would be set. Top mount brake levers are a must as far as I`m concerned for control in technical areas. The 42 Ritchey Zed`s roll great, hook up well, but the front was a little wishy washy when I hit a few sandy areas, otherwise an excellent trail tire. 700c wheels roll over most sufaces better than 26`s but you do have to pay a bit more attention to the trail. Did not try going over logs that were beyond my ability to bunny hop easily. I was able to climb a few hills that I have not been able to get up on a MTB in the past, go figure. Highly recomend the Salsa Zona Tres saddle with its adjustable stiffness system (A.S.S.). Did a nice job of keeping the rough stuff under control ( comfortable ). I am going to add some padding under my handlbar tape though, very different then soft MTB grips. Looking forward to riding more offroad. Just what I needed, In the last few years my desire to mountain bike has droppped off. Tired of the competion of who has the lastest, greatest, lighest, most travel etc., that has become mountain biking. Yesterday was like the first time that I went mountian biking, again!
re: First Trail Ridewaynebiker
Sep 30, 2001 12:03 PM
to get a better grip on your cross bike's drop bars try to double wrap your bars. I like the feel of cork tape. give it a try.
re: First Trail RideBAM
Sep 30, 2001 12:37 PM
I am planning to do that and have picked up more tape. I have also picked up some dense sticky backed foam weather stripping that looks and feels just like the foam cushion strips made to be placed under your bar tape. I will do this first and see how it goes. Thanks.
re: First Trail Ridebadabill
Sep 30, 2001 5:20 PM
I have the same feeling about my Surly:-) After selling some parts and an old road frame I had laying around I built my Surly for less than $100. Its made off-road riding fun again. Plus now I ride to most of the trails and use the bike for commuting and touring. I have been thinking of using an MTB grip on the flats of my bars. You do take a little more beating with the rigid fork, but its well worth the fun factor.