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Build Advice - Components and Wheelsets(9 posts)

Build Advice - Components and Wheelsetschindogu
Sep 27, 2001 11:49 AM
Just ordered a Indi Planet X and would like to solicit opinions regarding road/mtb components and wheelsets. Note that I'm 6', 220 lbs.

I'm a roadie with some off-road experience but revere my road set-up. If I went Ultegra, would I later regret not putting an XT derailer on it? Will Ultegra hold-up to hard cross riding? Also, when I was demoing frames, most less expensive canti brakes proved useless. Are their some super-powerful canti for a reasonable price?

I routinly bang-up my Mavic Open Pros on the road and think they would be unusable for cross. What are some good alternatives? Spynergy Spox? What else?

re: Build Advice - Components and WheelsetsPack Meat
Sep 28, 2001 1:35 PM
They are not cheap but Spooky brakes are awesome, they are light, powerful, strong and provide superior clearence.

Avoid spox at all costs they will not hold up to cross racing, especially at your weight. Ksyriums and Rolf wheels seems to do the trick.
re: Build Advice - Components and Wheelsetschindogu
Sep 30, 2001 7:12 AM
Thanks for your thoughts. Have others found Spinergy wheels to weak to hold up to cross conditions? The reason I'm asking is because a buddy is recommending them but I know them a road wheels only. Seems like the PBO spokes would help in reducing vibration and shock.
re: Build Advice - Components and Wheelsetsdug
Sep 28, 2001 1:42 PM
'cross bikes are truly the bastard child of the bicycle world. Ultegra will hold up just fine. Be careful of front derailleur, unlike road bikes alot (most) cross bikes use a top pull cable (mtb). 2 or 3 chain rings is personel preference although vast majority of competetive riders use double. ~ 36x48 with a 13x27 rear. Those are considered mtb chainrings. If you don't compete road rings are fine. Consider a medium or long cage rear derailleur to handle bigger cog set. Cheap canti's are exactly that - cheap. AVID shortys work well. SPOOKY brakes have a very strong spring and work well. NO canti will ever stop you like a good road caliper. I shy away from the V brake as the road style lever requires a camming unit ('travel agent' and others...) to enable enough cable pull to properly actuate the caliper. They always feel mushy to me. If you plan to race - highly suggest swapping your brakes. Left hand for rear brake. You'll find out why at your first dismount.
Wheels = tough answer. If you beat them up on the road, your going to kill them on dirt. Go for durability and rugginess vs. weight. Ride (at least) 25mm wide knobbies @70psi. Ride wider bars than your road bike. Ride with an 'upright' stem (10 or 12 degree). These are generalisations, but 9/10 'crossers go this way.. Have fun -'cross riding is a blast!
re: Build Advice - Components and Wheelsetsbn
Oct 1, 2001 7:41 AM
NO canti will ever stop you like a good road caliper that's a bunch of crap it's all in the adjustment... canti's are actually stronger that road calipers (why do you think they use 'em on loaded tourers and some tandems?)

shy away from the V brake good advice

I'd suggest Redline Radius, Empella Froglegs, or Paul's as other brake options.
re: Build Advice - Components and WheelsetsMosovich
Sep 28, 2001 6:41 PM
I was in your same shoes about a year ago. I was 210, am 6' and got my Planet Cross and built it up. Here's what I did: Ultegra group, with long cage rear deraillur, Race Face cranks 48X36 with an 12-27 in the rear. SRP brakes (don't brake that well, but are super light), Easton carbon bar, easton carbon post, flite saddle, control tech stem and chris king headset. Wheelset, for clinchers I went with Chris King hubs built up on Mavic Open Pro hoops, with Ritchey Speedmax tire; tubular: Mavic Classic Pro wheelset with Tufo tubulars. Oh, bottom bracket is a Phil Wood. Well, there you have it. This is how I set my bike up and it is a dream to ride.
I've include a photo. I've change the crankset out and seatpost out since this photo, plus I've had the frame repainted red,white and blue. IF totally rocks, your gonna love your new ride. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. What size did you get? I got a 54, I have a 31.5 inseam, so it works great for me.
re: Build Advice - Components and Wheelsetschindogu
Sep 30, 2001 7:19 AM
Sweet ride! I also got the 54. Curious, did you send the frame back to IF to be repainted? Also, why would one want the long cage derailer? Better in the mud?
re: Build Advice - Components and Wheelsetsmosovich
Sep 30, 2001 4:44 PM
I did send it back to them, their paint jobs rock. I'll have a photo in a few days. I was looking for versatility with the rear der. email me personally and I'll send you the photos once I get them scanned.
re: Build Advice - Components and Wheelsetsthemayor
Oct 1, 2001 6:22 AM
The only bad things about a long derailuer is that it slows shifting a bit and it means a longer chain which will slapp around. I use Dura-Ace /Ultegra ders on 27 cogs ( I've used a 32 once in a while,too)and have had no problems...and I do about 20 races plus traing per season.
As far as wheels....Spox work good ( although I have seen a few failures)...but the secret is big tires! Michelins, Specialized and Geax are nice....or go with Tubulars...Tufo and Gommitallia make big fatties.