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couple of Campy questions(3 posts)

couple of Campy questionsEric Marshall
Sep 25, 2001 4:35 PM
Anyone running 10 speed? 9 speed? Is there a common consensus on how many cogs to use?

Anyone running 46/48 chainrings? If so, how many cogs are you using and who made the chainrings? I see that sells aftermarket chainrings, but they don't say what systems they're intended for or compatible with (I was told that Campy chainrings are different for different number of cogs).

Thanks in advance.
re: couple of Campy questionsflyweight
Sep 26, 2001 8:34 AM
The whole thing about having to use certain chainrings with certain systems is crap. My last road bike had Campy Record 10 and I used DuraAce cranks with a Shimano 9 speed inner chainring and a Stronglight outher chainring that was completely devoid of all ramps, pins, gates, etc.

My current bike has Chorus 9 speed (I found the 10 speed required more upkeep and fiddling than I cared for) and I'm using a TA Zephyr crank fitted with a 48t TA outer ring, a Shimano 36 middle ring and a Sugino 24 tooth granny ring. It works just fine.
re: couple of Campy questionsclimbo
Sep 27, 2001 7:19 AM
I use 9 soeed Campy but with a single BMX chainring up front. Not much help to you there but I would say 9 or 10 speed would work for you. You may have to use 9 speed rings up front to get the sizes you need. I read from many people that 9 spd chains work fine on Campy 10 spd cassettes. I would be hesitant to do it myself but the single ring works fine too.