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2001 SuperCup Schedule(13 posts)

2001 SuperCup ScheduleBipedZed
Sep 14, 2001 4:37 PM
According to VeloNews:
October 13, 2001, SuperCup #1, Gloucester, MA
November 17, 2001, SuperCup #2, Chicago, IL
December 15, 2001, U.S. national championships/SuperCup #3, Baltimore, MD
December 16, 2001, SuperCup #4 final, Baltimore, MD

Looks like the Rockies and the West are pretty much skipped this year for national CX events. Bummer.
re: 2001 SuperCup Schedulerollo tommassi
Sep 16, 2001 10:03 AM
If anyone is traveling to Chicago and would like who/what/where tips, I'd be happy to help.

I myself am hoping to make it to Baltimore!!
Will it be in Washington Park again?AlexR
Sep 17, 2001 5:06 AM
I didn't see the course last year, but I'm familiar with Washington Park. It's not Chicago's most spectacular piece of greenspace. Hopefully the Chicago park district will permit a course on the lakefront someday. I'd love to race in Lincoln Park with a spur through the farm! Who knows, maybe the success of the S.F. Grand Prix will inspire the city to give these races have a higher profile

I know that Chris from Turin begged to no avail for a lakefront course last year. He pulled off a great save just to stage the race at all. Last minute sponsorship dramatics, etc.

See you there,

Will it be in Washington Park again?rollo tommassi
Sep 17, 2001 12:07 PM
Actually, 2CC did a race in Lincoln Park Zoo about 12 yrs ago; it started down in the parking lot area by the archway underneath the Sherman (guy on a horse?) statue, going south and curving up to the park, down some steps toward the pond, around the pond (northwards, along Cannon Dr.) then up over the bridge and back down to the parking area. The course map totally confused the USCF - they didn't want to approve the course and it took some time for them to understand that there was a bridge there - the course didn't cross itself! Finally they understood.

I remember it was a bitterly cold day (+10 w/wind chill) with some icing; the fact that you were riding on that teeny tiny path along the pond made it scary - don't go into the water! It was also strange to ride alongside the fence where they keep the buffalo and camels (?) - there'd be these interesting smells and the occasional grunting sounds....This may come back to haunt me as I recall the 'cross course in Baltimore is also near the zoo!

Chris D. has a good relationship with the Park District, and despite our ultimate dream of having the course up at Montrose Harbor at Cricket Hill, the Washington Park course is very much supported by local community groups and the alderman. The sponsorship dramatics don't play a huge part in the permitting with the City per se, which is good. Once you walk thru City Hall, the rest is up to you (or, Chris/Kiron)

Please consider volunteering (if you haven't already) to help setup - talk to Chris and let him know you're interested. He really needs hands on the Friday day-before, so if you can get out of work, he'd be happy to see you. I helped out at registration, and it was great.
re: 2001 SuperCup Scheduleclimbo
Sep 17, 2001 11:28 AM
you might have to move to the CX mecca for a few months !
Sep 17, 2001 4:57 PM
There's a real good chance I'll travel to the Baltimore events. I grew up in the Annapolis/Baltimore/DC area and still have family in the area to stay with. Can't wait to see how I measure up to the east coast region.
Sep 18, 2001 7:24 AM
sounds good. Should be a great weekend. I haven't been to Baltimore myself but have been to Annapolis area so I can't wait to get back there. Hope you make it out. If not, there is a small chance that there will be a SuperCup in Denver if a sponsor can be found.
Sep 18, 2001 11:36 AM
I've heard this is the same venue they had districts at last year. Good course, lots of mix of terrains including multiple road sections, cobbles , stair run ups, etc. but bad environ. Essentially in the ghetto, bring your trainers to warm-up, watch out for the broken glass and stray kids and dogs wandering about.
sounds greatclimbo
Sep 18, 2001 11:53 AM
just like Beaumont Park in Philly. The place in Balt. is called Patterson Park, I figure it's right in the city somewhere. Races at Beaumont Park usually have homeless people/drunks in the crowd because they all sleep under the trees there and use the bathrooms in the park and play music all day. They must think aliens have landed in their yard when we troop up there in spandex and skinny tyre bikes in the mud.
sounds greatWayne
Sep 19, 2001 4:17 AM
Yeah, much like Beaumont Park, except your're surrounded by row houses/apartments instead of trees. I see Evolution has moved their race from Beaumont Park to Newtown (?) hopefully will be a more scenic venue, although I always like the courses at Beaumont Park last year.
sounds greatclimbo
Sep 19, 2001 6:02 AM
Newtown is a cool little town so I hope it'll be a great course and a nice late summar day. Beaumont Park might miss out this year, I haven't seen any races in the Philly series as being held there. You're right though, it is a great course! See you at Newtown. Say hi, I ride for Beacon in the B's on a M4. There's two of us but I'm the taller one.
sounds greatWayne
Sep 19, 2001 6:32 AM
I think I know your fellow Beacon rider, Brian, I met him through a mutual friend a few years ago. Since then I see him here and there at races.
yep, Brian will be at all the racesclimbo
Sep 19, 2001 6:35 AM
he and a few others in the team will race CX this year. He, Wade and I should be at almost all of the Mid-Atlantic races.