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All-rounder type cross bikesbk
Sep 14, 2001 12:26 PM
I was wondering how many folks use and All-Rounder type cross bike (26" wheel w/ drop bars) and what your exeperience has been. I have been contemplating building one up using a spare frame and parts I have lying around, but had a few questions:

frame size: should I use the same size frame that I mtb on or a size up (for increased portaging space)? I would like to use the spare I have, but if I could always sell/swap to get a bigger size.

tire size: are you using a standard mtb (1.95-2.1) or as small as you could find? My LBS has some just smaller than 1.5 which look interesting for this project.

ride style: I would think you could handle terrain somewhere between a cross bike and an mtb,but what are your experiences?

Race it or just a "fun bike"?

Any other recommendations would be more than welcome.