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bianchi axis cyclocross or cannondale r600(5 posts)

bianchi axis cyclocross or cannondale r600yuk
Sep 8, 2001 3:47 PM
torn between the two bikes and wondering if anyone has any opinions. main concern is long distance training for mtb and possibly long distance road trips. everyone i talked to are roadies and they said the r600, need a cyclocross opition.
re: bianchi axis cyclocross or cannondale r600The Walrus
Sep 9, 2001 11:24 AM
The Axis is probably the best value in a 'cross bike on the market. I have three--two in 'cross setups and one I built for touring/commuting. The frame is surprisingly comfortable for aluminum, and the parts spec is great--105 STI and hubs, RaceFace cranks and rings, LX and XT derailleurs, wide-range gearing...the Ritchey tires are a compromise, not really great at either road or dirt, but they'll get by. It might not be the purist's idea of a "proper" 'cross bike, but it sounds like you're looking for flexibility and this bike beats everything else out there. I also have or have had a Redline Conquest, Voodoo Wazoo and a couple of Jakes, and the Axis is my definitely my favorite.
KONA Major Jake!APSBiker01
Sep 13, 2001 8:15 PM
You have been led down the wrong path, young one. The only real 'cross bike that you can get from a 'large' manufacturer is from Kona, the Major Jake. It has real cross components and actually is built/designed by a company with REAL 'cross experience (Jake the Snake, Canadian 'cross champion), unlike those lemming companies "cross" bikes (they're really just road bikes with canti mounts welded on). If you really want a REAL 'cross bike, get the Major Jake. It MAY be a little more expensive than the others *cough* CLOSEOUT *cough*, but it is well worth the 'extra' cash.
KONA Major Jake!The Walrus
Sep 15, 2001 9:37 PM
Not gonna dispute the 'cross pedigree of the Jakes, but our questing writer was looking for something for long road trips (with a cyclocross option), and I know from experience that a Jake is a little too cramped in the cockpit compared to the Bianchi for epic journeys. Sounded to me like Yuk was seeking utility more than core 'cross-worthiness.
KONA Major Jake!APSBiker01
Sep 17, 2001 6:31 PM
I have never had a problem on MY Major Jake, I've ridden it on 2 centuries, 4 50 mile+ gravel road rides, and countless days(at least 3) of 50+ miles on the road. May not sound like much, but I've only had it for 3 months, so that should help you with my previous reply. If anything, the KONAs are just the best choice for riding everyday, since they are more comfortable than most other bikes out there. I have ridden other cross bikes and road bikes for day-trips, but if you actually know how to set up the Jake for every-day use, it is THE best choice.