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Michelin Sprints and bad luck(10 posts)

Michelin Sprints and bad luckMJ
Sep 4, 2001 1:43 AM
I'm having problems with the Michelin Sprints.

They puncture all the time - and I'm getting fed up. It's like they are shrapnel magnets or something. This morning I got three slow flats on the morning commute - and it's only 8 miles! In addition my long suffering hand pump exploded - literally - the metal air valve inside the plastic casing sheared off and blew off the the plastic valve adapter. Put a new tube in, pumped it up with the help of a friendly, well equipped fellow commuter, and punctured inside a mile - ARRGGH!!!.

Having said that - it has only been the rear wheel. I replaced the rim tape as it looked like a drunk monkey had put it down inside the rim.

Having said that when I run my road tyres (Conti Sport 1000's) I've not had a single problem - even at 120 psi.

The wheel is a Mavic 221 if that makes any difference to your calculations.

Oh and BTW - I have repeatedly checked the rim and the tyre for any lingering debris. Even the guy in the shop (EVANS on the Cut - across from Waterloo if anyone is looking for a plug) this morning checked both (for my sanity) and found nothing. Though I punctured again (for the third time) about 100 yards away from the office - mile and a half from Evans.

I blame Humma Hah and all his talk about flats last week!

comments suggestions and flames welcome
re: Michelin Sprints and bad luckBig J
Sep 4, 2001 4:34 AM
You've got company. I'm riding on a pair of new Conti GP 3000s, and during a training ride Saturday flatted three times. Every single time it was a slow flat. The first two times I was using an old patched inner tube. After the second flat, I busted out the new inner tube I had with me, and within 15 minutes I was flat again. I also checked the inside of the tire and the rim carefully, and couldn't find anything.

The push home was tedious, to say the least.
re: Michelin Sprints and bad luckMJ
Sep 4, 2001 4:47 AM
the ony good thing is that I'm getting really good at changing tyres and patching!

Saturday I rode from Guildford to Brighton on the Downs Link and flatted near Shoreham after jumping on a roadie's wheel (which was great my with bike and I being coated in layer of goopy semi-dried mud) - pulled up at a pub with an outdoor table (next to a busy road) - still managed to find the puncture over the traffic noise - mind you I couldn't hear it - I had to use my face and nose to find the puncture prior to sanding/marking the tube...

sorry (for you) it's not just me - but at least I'm not the only one

how's your Poprad treating you these days? racing this season?
re: Michelin Sprints and bad luckcxking
Sep 4, 2001 10:37 AM
I have had similar luck with the Sprints. I got five flats on the same ride and had to ride home on my rim(30+ miles. I now use the Muds and have had no problems. Best of luck.
re: Michelin Sprints and bad luckMJ
Sep 5, 2001 12:38 AM
thanks for that - my questions are -

did you ever find the cause of the flats?
what surfaces were you riding on?
were the punctures at different places on the tube?

I had a fourth flat on the way home yesterday and it occurred to me that while the tyre might be great for offroad use it just isn't up to on road use - plus - it rained unusually heavy the night before which always seems to make the road hazards more of a problem.
re: Michelin Sprints and bad luckcxking
Sep 6, 2001 7:56 AM
one was a pinch flat so that is not a fault of the tire. the other 4 were tiny pinholes of which I could find no evidence of any glass, thorns etc... in the tire casing. On . this particular ride it was a total of 55 miles with 60% road 40% trail and dirt road. all the flats occured in the dirt.
re: Michelin Sprints and bad luckJan Gerrit Klok
Sep 5, 2001 8:09 AM
Michelin semi-slick tires for MTB are also known for puncturing easily. Still, it seems to have improved with recent models, I know a guy that´s still without a failure, after a full season of serious racing on them.
too many flats ..heymtnrogue
Sep 6, 2001 11:35 AM
My michelin's never have flated..have used on both Cosmos and Spinergy SR3's wheels. Forget what tubes I have, but I just suggest trying something different in tubes. Are the punctures single or doubles(snake bite)? If double punctures, flats could be coming from rim pinching the tube due to under inflation and "big hits" and obstacles on the road. Around here the mich mud & sprints tires are real popular for off road use & cyclo cross events. I've been fortunate and can't recall having a flat with either my cross, road, or mnt bikes. NOt much help, but hope you can get it resolved.
too many flats ..heyJan Gerrit Klok = "TUFO-man"
Sep 6, 2001 10:08 PM
Like mentionned before, Michelin MUDs won't puncture. I did some stupid thing with those, using them as I were riding my 26" wheels. Expected snakebike quite a few times, but always survived. I use Vredestein innertubes.
too many flats ..heyMJ
Sep 7, 2001 1:25 AM
no double punctures - no pinch flats - all are single small holes on the 'outside' of the tube - I'm guessing it can only be from road debris and that I was just phenomenally unlucky to have four flats in one day on a 16 mile route!!

in the meantime - I changed my route (for better luck) and will only use the Mich Sprints off road - I just don't have any confidence left in them - and that's fundamental for a commute to work

my tubes are Specialied - 700x28-38 - anybody with suggestions short of using tuffies?