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How serious is cyclocross terrain?(2 posts)

How serious is cyclocross terrain?xjeffx
Jul 30, 2001 6:56 AM
Just wondering? I took my bike on my first off-road experience this weekend and it was fun -- of course! But I was curious as to how serious of a trail a 'cross bike can handle. It was flat for the most part, some hills and roots and a few logs which my BB didn't have a hard time clearing (some rub).

Probably the only scary part for me were the drops that lead into turns. I didn't know how to take them and feard for my life that I would go over the bars and head first into a tree.

Hooray for cyclocross!!
re: How serious is cyclocross terrain?wscott
Jul 31, 2001 5:56 AM
I did most of the races in the Mid-Alantic series last year as well as a few others and the terrain in races is usually not that "serious". And I don't think it is suppose to be, generally devoid of rocks or logs, nothing that you would be forced to ride over. No single track if properly designed, your always suppose to have enough room for two riders abreast. The most serious parts are usually fast descents but these are almost always on open grass fields or dirt roads, usually nothing you could hit and send yourself over the handle bars. As for what a cyclo-cross bike can handle, that all depends on the rider, I've seen guys riding rocky steep single track on them that makes me nervous on a mountain bike, but in general you almost never see that in a race.