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how to make cross fatties fit an old road frame(3 posts)

how to make cross fatties fit an old road frameclub
Jul 10, 2001 6:42 PM
Have an old road frame that would barely take 35c in back; I wanted more so I crossified it with a pipe and a BFH (ask your local wrench). The heavy pipe I had for setting crown race seats. Clamp frame in stand with wheel out, hold pipe vertically between chainstays, as far forward as it fits before binding between the stays (mine was 2 inches from the chainstay bridge). Whack on the pipe with the BFH tool until the pipe is rammed forward all the way to the chainstay bridge, deforming the chainstays wider all the way. Uh, did I mention to clamp an old hub in the dropouts first so you don't deform the stays and change the overlocknut dimension? When done, touch up the paint. The whacking part goes easier if you put some grease on the stays where you want them to be wider. Now I can get 45c fatties in back. Hint: Don't try this on yer $2,000 Colnago C-40, but it works great on old frames you don't mind whacking on. It should also work on road forks, but mine was already wide enough for fatties so I didn't have to whack on the front end at all.
My bike is not allowed to play with youverslowrdr
Jul 10, 2001 9:48 PM
Just ordered a Crosscheck- I'm so excited, but you can bet it can't stay for the sleep over at your house. :)

Liked the BFH though. It's one of the only tools I know how to use.
Jul 11, 2001 2:15 AM
i like the direct approach - enterprising. How do you get it to stay in true vertically, i.e. so that the stays are not skewed to one side of the bike?