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New Cx bike setup...rings, cranks(3 posts)

New Cx bike setup...rings, crankskonagrl
Jul 10, 2001 5:38 PM

I'm building a new cx bike. I want it to be something I can race cx on, ride the trails on, and road ride on. Is that possible? Any idea on how to set up the rings, how many teeth, do I want a triple? Also, what size cranks do I want? I'm getting ultegra cranks. The frame is a scandium kona. The shop is going to order the stuff today or tomorrow. I'm 5'6", about 110 lbs. Thanks for any help!

re: New Cx bike setup...rings, cranksctxcrossx
Jul 10, 2001 10:23 PM
Hi Jenny,

Sounds like a nice frame you're getting. I have done the same thing that you are trying to do. I went with a double in front. During cross season, I use 39/45 front combo with a cross wheelset. When it's not cross season, I just change the 45 chainring for a 53 (and move the front der. up a bit) and change to my road wheelset. The whole change takes me about 5-10 minutes. I've found it to work very well. Good luck in the upcoming cross season.

re: New Cx bike setup...rings, cranksbrass nipple
Jul 11, 2001 7:37 AM
grrl... you don't want a triple- absolutely unnecessary for cx racing and road riding. Some cx racers only run a single ring up front! What you do want is a 110BCD double crank (old Ritcheys are great if you can find 'em) at whatever length you choose. For length, many go 2.5mm longer than usual road cranks, which are often shorter than mtb cranks. I, for example, run 170 for road, 172.5 cx, and 175 mtb. The 110BCD means you can run a 34 or 36 small ring and 46 or whatever big ring (depending on derailleur capacities, of course). An Ultegra crank with 130BCD means you can only go as low as 38, which for certain terrains and courses (and road) is perfectly fine. You can get a triple and not use the inner ring, but that's kinda cheesy unless you grind off the mounts. If not, you would probably want something like a third eye chain watcher so that if/when you drop the chain it doesn't get stuck down there.