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Cyclecross Riders Go HomeErik-tola
Aug 29, 2001 3:27 AM
Ok, so we need your help.
Montain biking will be banned and riding areas will be shut down if the Roadless Law goes into effect. The BLUERIBBON COALITION says "We are being outgunned 6 to 1 by our anti-access opponents. The goal is 30,000 response letters by September 4th on the roadless law". This issue effects everyone in the bicycling and outdoor recreationalists community. To help is quick and simple.

TO HELP CLICK HERE Then click TAKE ACTION NOW "GO". From there just fill in a few small things and click send. It's that quick and simple. Please send out additional emails for other people in your house hold and for friends.

Please forward this email to everyone you know. Taking a few minutes of your time will save mountain biking and other outdoor recreational activities for future generations. Not doing anything will only hurt us. Thanks for taking the time to help.


BLUERIBBON COALITON 1-800-258-3742 website They fight to keep land open for us.

A quick BLUERIBBON action alert link Please go here and send out other quick emails to support motorcyclist and outdoor recreationalists. Join the BLUERIBBON COALITION email action alert list. Call them 1-800-258-3742 and ask for some "APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP" brochures. You can put them in your business, include them with orders, etc. Send the links to everyone you know. If you could also go here and send out quick and simple response letters where it says "YOUR URGENT ATTENTION IS NEEDED NOW", it would be much appreciated. a good MTB site that has infromation on THE ROADLESS LAW. Here is their article on the Roadless Law

"We are organizing a nationwide petition drive to let our government leaders know that the people who use the great outdoors are tired of it. We want these petitions in every motorcycle shop, fishing tackle store, jetski store, and RV dealer in the Nation. We would like the help of bicyclists, hunters, property owners, Boy Scouts - anyone - to make this work. We are asking for help to gather, distribute, etc. in order to get these petitions to the President's desk."
Desert Vipers Motorcycle Club

Business owners click here to find out how you can help.

Petition request forms
how does this relate?goathead
Aug 29, 2001 8:03 PM
as I understand it the roadless initiative does not effect acess to existitng roads, but curtails to making of new roads in roadless areas. hence, it protects areas that havent been logged and are truly wild. yes roads give us acess to these areas, but at what cost? clearcuts aren't that pretty.
how does this relate- bad newsverslowrdr
Aug 29, 2001 8:17 PM
Unfortunately the origional drafting of this bill allowed local forest areas to restrict "other activities" as they saw fit. There were no stipulations on the "other activities".

Our local forest service people have tacitly begged people to pressure law makers to at least give some guidelines for how they are supposed to act on the "other activities" portion of the bill, as right now they stand to be blown by any political wind and whim that comes along.

Also, keep in mind that many "roadless areas" were designated "roadless" in the seventies- there are now very large roads that go through them. After watching the forests in Washington burn up this summer, trust me, we appreciate each and every one of those roads- it makes a big difference for fire fighting.
how does this relate- bad newsMJ
Aug 30, 2001 2:14 AM
look at the discussion re this point on the general board - I understand it's actually an ATV initiative and not bike friendly at all - unless you want to share the 'trails' with rednecks in their ATV's...
Sep 4, 2001 8:27 AM
This guy is cluttering up every bulletin board I've seen with this shiznit.

This is a steaming pile of mammoth dung - the Blue Ribbon Coalition is attempting to swell its ranks with cyclists by claiming that mtb and cyclocross trails will be closed by roadless designation. Nothing could be less true - advocates in southern California are using the roadless designation of a local ranger district to maintain bike access and fight off toll road and other infrastructure development.

This is a thinly-veiled attempt to lure unsuspecting cyclists to promote OHV access - if you support motorized access, by all means support the BRC's efforts. But don't let this clown con you into something through an outright lie.

DeR (do the right thing)